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DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics

Posted by – December 23, 2013

DELTA stands for Danish Electronics Lights and Acoustics. DELTA began as acoustics company but today it helps products succeed in the market place and they test around 3,000 products per year. DELTA makes IdemoBits which are a form of electronic LEGOs which include stuff like sensors and actuators.

DSP Concepts, Embedded Audio Processing

Posted by – December 20, 2013

DSP Concepts demonstrates real-time audio processing for the ARM Cortex-M4, providing tools for audio processing.

The Veger Power Bank Design Headquarters Tour

Posted by – December 16, 2013

This video explores the design of the portable power bank. The Veger Power is a registered trademark in New York, and outsources manufacturing to the Shenzhen Utopia Technology. Veger is a professional design company, with an international sales team with 10 years of experience in the field of advanced structural engineering, and 11 years of experience in electrical engineering and PCBA design. The goal is to use polymer li-ion battery to achieve super capacity. A suitable polymer li-ion battery must be selected to produce a product with an aesthetic appearance. Veger’s professional design engineering team releases 2-3 new models into the market each month. Veger has numerous options available. Your Logo can be printed onto the products, if desired, for sale in your country. You can also opt to sell the products using the Veger brand name.

If you are a brand owner or agency, please feel free to contact Veger by email: we always offer the highest level of service to you.

Veger Power contact details:
Contact person: Coco.Jiang
Skype: coco5176

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute presentation overview

Posted by – December 4, 2013

Here’s an overview of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) with Ralf Schäfer Head of Image Processing agt HHI in Berlin Germany. The core competencies of HHI are in the areas of Photonic Networks and Systems, Mobile Broadband Systems, Photonic Components and Electronic Imaging.

Activities in photonic networks and components expand a spectrum from highly capacitive flexible long haul networks to the broadband inhouse network and their components

R&D-activities in the area of mobile broadband systems focus to design aspects of future cellular systems and their realization for various mobile communications systems. multi-antenna systems (MIMO) up to 1 Gbit/s, resource management for both cellular mobile, radio systems and WPAN-systems up to 60 GHz.

Optical and opto-electronic components and modules are developed and manufactured. Our range includes InP-based lasers and detectors with wavelengths from 1.1 µm to 2.0 µm, polymer lightwave circuits, and diffractive optics.

Main topics are further video- and audio-coding / transmission (Video over IP), the 2D- und 3D image processing, the image reproduction in virtual environments, teleimmersive systems, autostereoscopic displays, miixed reality displays, man-machine-interactions and information and videoretrieval.

Shenzhen Gifts Fair, Elephants, Horses, Everything..

Posted by – November 21, 2013

Filmed at the Shenzhen China Gift Fair. A 25-minute tour showing some of the interesting Gifts you may give people for Christmas this year, or next. All including my real-time commentary.

ChallengePost Hackathon Software Competition Platform

Posted by – November 12, 2013

ChallengePost is a hackathon platform for software competitions, here used by Samsung. The ChallengePost platform powers both global and personal software competitions. The software competitions take software development to the next level and enable the full development of software. In some cases Samsung buys up what the developers create.

Introduction to Fraunhofer with HP Baumeister

Posted by – November 9, 2013

Fraunhofer is a large non-profit organization with 22 thousand employees at 60 institutes mostly in Germany doing applied research and development. “You name it, Fraunhofer probably does it”. In San Jose, Fraunhofer has an office catering to the Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple etc. For example, they open sourced AAC into Android, enabling Jelly Bean and higher to have the highest audio quality at the lowest bitrate. And for example AAC-ELD is in Apple FaceTime for low latency real-time audio (and/or video) communications.

ARM shows the Internet of Things and MBED at ARM Techcon 2013

Posted by – November 3, 2013

The mbed development platform is the fastest way to create Internet of Things devices based on ARM microcontrollers. Anyone with an idea, can rapidly prototype devices using it, connect the idea to the cloud, form a proof of concept that can get the idea funded, demonstrate to the boss that the idea can fly.

Bens cPot, automatic Android Powered cooker system

Posted by – October 25, 2013

Bens makes an Android based product called the cPot it is an electronic cooker that has a touchscreen and can be controlled remotely with a Android or iOs device. The device does much of the work of cooking for you. Bens makes fully automatic and semi automatic versions of the cPot. The cPot unfortunately can’t cook as good as your mother can. The price for the fully automatic version is 999 USD and 699 USD for semi automatic. Bens also makes a variety of other kitchen appliances for homes and restaurants. Bens has been making cooking devices for 16 years.

Contact Bens (serious distributors only please):
Ben Zhang of Bens, research and development
Phone Number: +86 75526993929
Mobile Phone: +86 13509633818

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2013

Greenspower Electronic flashing USB cable, spiraling LED lights when charging

Posted by – October 22, 2013

Shows you if your device needs to charge a lot, if it’s about to be finished charging and if it is finished charging.

Lucky WiFi Fish Finder for Android and iPhone/iPad

Posted by – October 14, 2013

Throw the WiFi fish finder in the water, it looks for fish and tells your smartphone or tablet app over Wi-Fi where the fish are in the water, how big the fish are, then you can just fish them out. Yea.

Contact Wendy of Zhejang Lucky Manufacturer:
Wendy Zhang
General Manager
Mobile: +86 13758980916
Skype: luckywendy916
Tel: +86 82081596

Filmed at Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2013

Fujitsu Lettuce produced in semiconductor factory clean-room

Posted by – October 12, 2013

Fujitsu shows their smart city concept Akisai, mass producing vegetables in factories, producing Lettuce with a very low level of potassium, bringing salad to people with Hyperkalemia which is a kidney disease.

Toyota Ha:mo electric vehicle prototype presentation (dubbed in English)

Posted by – October 12, 2013

Toyota shows their latest compact electric car, and smart home appliances at CEATEC 2013 in Tokyo.

Rohm Booth Tour at CEATEC 2013

Posted by – October 11, 2013

Here’s a tour of the Rohm booth at CEATEC 2013.

PCI M.2 Form Factor, smaller PCI card

Posted by – October 9, 2013

Lenovo engineer shows their new suggestion for a smaller PCI Express type of card, for expansion of modems, 3G, Wimax, White Spaces etc into devices like Tablets, Laptops, phones and more.

Mitsubishi 100Gbitps Fiber bandwidth technology

Posted by – October 9, 2013

Mitsubishi shows their 100Gbitps Fiber Internet system, in the near future it will be 400Gbitps per channel, they say 1000Gbitps is possible later.

Pioneer Booth Tour at CEATEC 2013

Posted by – October 6, 2013

Pioneer shows DJ equipment that uses iPads, HUD heads-up-display for cars, speakers, Miracast or MHL functionality, the mixtrax application, electric car wireless charging and more at the CEATEC 2013 consumer electronics conference in Tokyo.

Serafim Tech (iPhone) iOS / Android Virtual Keyboard with Power Bank

Posted by – September 27, 2013

Serafim Tech (iPhone) Virtual Keyboard Description:
Serafime Tech Virtual Keyboard built-in extended battery and revolutionary virtual projection keyboard technology.
It stand to position your iPhone on any flat surface and extended battery provides long the battery life to keep up with your mobile lifestyle.

Serafim Tech Virtual Keyboard Feature:
English QWERTY keyboard layout (Projection keyboard size: 280 mm x 102 mm)

Serafim Tech Virtual Keyboard Compatible OS:
Compatible with iOS 4 and Android 2.0(or later)

Contact informations:
Serafim Technologies Inc.

No.6, Aly. 9, Ln. 45, Baoxing Rd., Xindian City, Taipei County 231,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Rifda Transparent LCD

Posted by – September 24, 2013

Rifda is a Shenzhen based producer of transparent LCDS. The transparent LCDS make it into products such as 3D glasses as well as point of sale products for banks.

Wireless Input iSuper Rainbow, For The Internet of Things

Wireless Input is the creator of iSuper remote controlled products for the “Internet of Things”. Most of these products work through Wifi or Bluetooth and they work with Android or iOS devices. iSuper devices primarily targets United States, Western Europe, and Australia. Wireless input uses a moderately size factory employing about 30 people.
Some of the product they create include.
The iSuper rainbow a remote controlled colored lightbulb that works with an Android or iOS device for around 69 USD. The device runs on an unspecified Arm7 processor and uses Bluetooth 2.1. The product will selling worldwide soon.
Other products Wireless Input creates include mobile controlled toys such as a mobile controlled Ferrari for 59 USD, a remote controlled tank 79 USD, and a remote controlled helicopter for 69 USD.

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