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Unboxing of €100 Xiaomi Watch S3

Posted by – November 5, 2023

Unboxing and review of the Xiami Watch S3, a wallet-friendly SmartWatch priced at approximately €100-€120, catering to users with or without the need for 4G connectivity. The video begins with a meticulous examination of the device’s features and functions.

I highlight one of the watch’s key selling points – a high-quality AMOLED display, offering vibrant visuals. They also introduce the operating system known as Hyper OS, speculating on whether it may have roots in Android, which remains unclear.

As they excitedly attempt to power up the device, an unexpected challenge emerges: the SmartWatch arrives without any initial charge. However, this minor hiccup doesn’t deter the interviewee’s enthusiasm. They delve into the watch’s design, pointing out its interchangeable covers, which allow users to personalize its appearance, adding a layer of individuality to the device.

I then shift focus to a fitness app, which can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the SmartWatch. They proceed to demonstrate the pairing process, shedding light on how the watch can be seamlessly connected to a smartphone.

Exploring the SmartWatch’s functions, offer insights into Hyper OS’s capabilities. It’s mentioned that the watch might not operate on a full-fledged Android system, a potential trade-off for improved power efficiency.

Towards the end of the video, I gaze at the Xiami Watch S3 alongside another Xiaomi product, hinting at the versatility and style the watch offers. Expressing a sense of curiosity and a dedication to delivering the most accurate information, they admit uncertainty about the device’s specific CPU and its expected battery life.

Despite these lingering questions, assures the audience that they will delve into research to uncover more details about the watch’s specifications, ensuring viewers receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on this intriguing SmartWatch.

Domino Smartwatch BT call 4G, 10 years of making Smartwatch in Shenzhen at the Hong Kong Fair

Posted by – October 23, 2023

Domino Smartwatch who I filmed a few years ago as the Domiwear Smartwatch With a sense of enthusiasm and confidence, they delve into the details of this cutting-edge technology, accompanied by their esteemed boss, the internationally acclaimed designer of the Smartwatch, and their colleague.

Ten years of devoting in research and development of smart wearable products;
Service Focus Brand Customers;
Leading 4G and Bluetooth smartwatch industry;
Adhere to originality and technological innovation.

The video commences with a mention of the brand’s previous success, revealing that their previous model had seen remarkable sales figures, This track record is indeed commendable and sets the stage for an exciting discussion about their latest offering.

The primary focus of the video is the newest model, a 4G-enabled Smartwatch with a substantial 1.43-inch M1 display. The interviewee goes on to extol its virtues, including a bright AMOLED screen and an intuitive user interface. The Smartwatch’s versatility becomes evident as it’s showcased for various activities and applications, making it a versatile choice for a broad audience.

What truly stands out is the Smartwatch’s robust health tracking capabilities. The interviewee mentions its ability to monitor heart rate, steps taken, humidity levels, and even blood oxygen levels, ensuring that users can stay on top of their well-being. The absence of blood pressure monitoring is a slight drawback, but the comprehensive health tracking features more than compensate for it.

One of the Smartwatch’s distinguishing features is its compatibility with 4G networks worldwide. This global appeal, combined with an Android 8.1 operating system and access to the Google Play Store for app downloads, makes it a flexible and powerful device.

The most compelling aspect, perhaps, is the Smartwatch’s affordability. The interviewee confidently states that it provides a high-end experience at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. This democratization of advanced technology is a game-changer and is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

Another significant advantage is its battery life, which offers about two days of use, complemented by the convenience of wireless charging. This feature ensures that users can count on their Smartwatch for extended periods without any disruption.

For those with a penchant for outdoor activities, the built-in GPS chipset is a noteworthy addition. This enhances the device’s utility for fitness enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

The video offers not only information but also an opportunity for viewers to make a purchase. The interviewee proudly states that the Smartwatch is already available for order, with a shipment timeline of 25 to 30 days for different quantities.

To cater to diverse preferences, the video showcases several designs, including smaller models. The interviewee also presents a women’s model that lacks Bluetooth capabilities, catering to different segments of the market.

The video’s conclusion takes us behind the scenes, as the interviewee briefly discusses the manufacturing process. The impressive revelation that the factory employs nearly 300 dedicated employees in Shenzhen Dongguan, many of whom have remained with the company for over two decades, adds a human touch to the story. This commitment to quality and longevity further reassures potential customers.

In summary, this YouTube video provides a comprehensive and compelling presentation of the Domino Smartwatch’s features, affordability, and availability. With its well-rounded features, appealing price point, and worldwide reach, it positions itself as an attractive choice for a diverse range of users

Distributors can contact Domino here:
+86 18924624652

Filmed at the China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong using my Panasonic G9 (I would like to update to the G9ii) with 12-60mm Leica and the Saramonic Blink500 ProX B2R text by chatgpt

Lagenio 4G Smart Watch

Posted by – April 27, 2023

Kitty from Lagenio introduces their 4G Smartwatch solution which has a lot of features such as GPS, independent core, e-sim, fall detection, and a long battery life of up to four days. The smartwatch has a unique feature of supporting both physical and e-sim card, and is designed with a Unisoc chipset. Lagenio also has other products such as a 4G kids watch and a senior watch with a GPS function and heart rate sensor. They are looking for distributors and OEM/ODM partners in various countries, and viewers who mention Charbax YouTube channel can get special discounts by contacting them through email, WeChat, or WhatsApp. The USA and Australian markets are their best selling countries currently.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

Innovatech E-Sim Smartwatch at GlobalSources Hong Kong fair

Posted by – April 27, 2023

Innovatech introduces their e-sim smartwatch with ASR chipset, Realtek, and a UI similar to Android Wear. The watch supports Android and iOS apps on the phone, has heart rate monitoring, step counter, sleep monitor, temperature, NFC payment, and multiple sports modes. Available in China, India, and other countries, the watch has a big battery and can last up to a month in standby mode. It is reasonably priced, starting at 70 pesos for many pieces, and the company has designed over 100 different watches in the last three years. They are looking to expand to other countries such as the UK, Japan, Australia, and South America.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

Kingwear new smartwatches, OLED display, at Hong Kong fair

Posted by – April 27, 2023

Selena, a representative from Kingwear, a manufacturer of smartwatches. Selena introduces their latest model, the Match Watch, which has an animated watch face and a high-resolution OLED display. The watch comes with the “How Will Fit” app, which offers hardware checking, blood oxygen monitoring, and other features. The watch also includes a camera remote control, blood oxygen and heart rate checking, and a sleep mode. Selena explains that Kingwear is an ODM and OEM factory, which means they build brands for their customers. They sell over a million smartwatches per month, and the most popular style currently is the sports-style watch. Selena demonstrates the watch’s features and discusses the materials used in its design. The watch’s battery life is five to seven days, and it has an always-on display functionality. Kingwear is a big design house with four factories in Shenzhen and covers many brands overseas.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

Keqiwear Smartwatch with 24K Gold

Posted by – April 23, 2023

Keqiwear Shenzhen Wisme Technology Co Ltd showcases latest product such as their smartwatch with 24 karat gold plating. Filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. The WS09 Ultra app is an excellent fit and comes with a new design that allows to change wallpaper colors. The watch has many features like heart rate monitoring and 55 smart modes. Anne displays the watch’s UI and shows how it is customizable with different wallpaper colors. The software is the same on all their watches, and they use Fair Fit. The round one has a high-clear display and is made of oleophobic material. The watch has NFC, which is used for opening Smart Lock. It is waterproof and can go swimming. The factory is in Shenzhen, which is a beautiful city. The MOQ is 3,000 pieces, and the price is $12, which is an excellent deal. They have 60 different models and produce around 500,000 watches every month.

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UltraEasy shows Realtek 8763e and 8772f Smartwatch solutions, with 3D GPU

Posted by – April 23, 2023

real Tech Solutions, specifically the 8763e and 8772f chipsets. The latest solution showcased in the video is the A772, which has support for 3D GPU, 3G GPU, Bluetooth 5.3, and an ARM CPU. Filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. The chipset is dual-core and has a DSP for music. The design house responsible for creating the chipset is the IDH, which specializes in creating various Smartwatch designs. The video also highlights the different shapes and features of the Smartwatches, including a special feature for blood pressure and ECG monitoring. They sell about 1 million pieces in the market and the prices range from $13 to $20. Customers are happy with the functions, especially for parameter monitoring and heart rate, and they want IVP to sync the data. There is also a discussion about the new Glory Fit app, which is updated online for free forever. The video also discusses some upcoming projects in development, including following new chipsets, such as the Cortex M3, and a smaller display with always-on functionality but a long battery life.

IDO Smartwatch: Latest GPS Watch with 100+ Sports Modes & Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant at HK fair

Posted by – April 23, 2023

Mevis Zhang, Sales Director at IDO, says to be the biggest manufacturer in the Smartwatch category, here filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. With over 2000 employees in peak season and more than 300 people in their R&D center, IDO prides itself on its latest GPS smartwatch design. The GPS watch comes in a 1.38 inch LCD screen with different sports modes, including swimming, yoga, and running. With more than 100 sports modes to choose from, users can easily change the mode from the app. The watch also records blood oxygen, music control, and is equipped with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant. It has an in-built speaker for Bluetooth core for features that allow users to talk through the watch with the phone. The built-in microphone for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant allows the watch to connect with smart home devices. The IDO sport watch comes in different models, including the ID sport 01, which has a 1.38-inch screen, and the Sporty Series, which has a square watch body style. The Sporty Series is ranked and designed like Apple’s Ultra style, but it’s more like a body. IDO has different screens and more than 100 watch faces to choose from, including cloud watch faces. The smartwatch checks sleep tracking and connects with the cloud. Users can change the watch faces from the app called VeryFit. The manufacturing factory is located in Shenzhen Long Hua and has different sections in the R&D center, including Engineers for research, UI designers, and Algorithm testing. IDO also has an automated semi-automated assembling line that uses machines for gluing, testing, and other parts instead of labor assembling.

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N+1 Earbuds Smartwatch at HK fair

Posted by – April 23, 2023

Smartwatch company N+1 at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. Esther, from N+1, along with her colleagues Henry and Bob. They showcase their latest product, the Analysis Choice Earbuds Smartwatch, which is a two-in-one magnetic device. Esther explains that their smartwatch is one of only four selected by Analysis Choice at the GS Fair, where there were over 300 exhibitors of smartwatches. They have two out of the four selected, and their smartwatch works with a Realtek Chipset, and it uses special UI software. The smartwatch has various functions like heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure monitoring, and sleep monitoring. The earbuds have a battery life of three to five hours and last for three to seven working days. N+1 is a manufacturer and exporter of smartwatches, and they have been in the industry for around 10 years. Their biggest market is in Europe, but they also have many buyers from the Middle East, South America, North America, Asia, and even Africa. The most popular products are the earbuds smartwatch and Amelie’s green smartwatches, which are priced at $29.99 and $14, respectively. They are planning to download Google Wear Android for their 4G smartwatches, and they provide software updates. The buyers at the fair were looking for the earbuds smartwatch, and over 50 buyers were interested in it. Emily’s green smartwatches and the earbuds were popular among 40 buyers.

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Microwear Smart Watches at MWC 2023 #mwc23

Posted by – March 12, 2023

Here are some of the latest Smartwatches at Mobile World Congress 2023 by Shenzhen based

HiFuture Smartwatches, Bluetooth TWS earphones, bluetooth speakers, smart glasses and more #mwc23

Posted by – March 2, 2023

Check out the latest range of products by at Mobile World Congress 2023 Barcelona, including affordable Smartwatches with 12-day battery life, Earphone glasses, overear earphones, bluetooth speakers and more.

€399 Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure Monitoring Watch at IFA 2022 day2 talks Huawei Health+ app

Posted by – September 4, 2022


$119 Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit Bip S, launch keynote

Posted by – September 23, 2020


Lionrock Flexible batteries in watch strap

Posted by – July 3, 2020

Lionrock Batteries Ltd is developing and manufacturing flexible rechargeable battery technologies to address the rapidly growing and evolving needs for energy storage in new wearables, medical devices and other consumer IoT devices. Interviewed at the IDTechEx Show! Europe

Amazfit Stratos 3 at Amazfit Shenzhen HQ

Posted by – January 5, 2020

Filmed at the Huami Amazfit Shenzhen Headquarters, the Amazfit Stratos 3 has a 1.34″ Full Round Transflective MIP Display suitable for outdoor use, Four-Button Design for Professional Sports enable through the features and control the device without using the touch screen, especially useful while running or when hands are shaky after intensive workout. The 316L stainless steel body combined with reinforced plastic makes the watch robust while minimizing its weight, and the black silicone strap facilitates the ventilation and perspiration. Has Dual Chip & Dual System, Integrating two main control chips and two operating systems, 7-day Smart Full functional mode supporting 19 sports modes using professional algorithms or the 14-day Ultra endurance mode switching to the Ultra endurance mode for a 14-day battery life, while maintaining various functions such as 24-hour heart-rate monitoring, notifications, 11 sports modes and more.

Appscomm Hybrid Smartwatch AMOLED + Movement

Posted by – November 15, 2019

Appscomm shows their latest hybrid smartwatches, with full touch AMOLED as well as mechanical movement dials in the same watch.

Super-G Kids GPS Smartwatch

Posted by – November 8, 2019

Super-G Blast Hero Blue GPS watch-phone for kids. Advanced technology gives the watch more speed and accuracy. Device control is now even more convenient and simple – it is translated into 12 different languages! Better quality sound, an attractive and customizable watch interior with interchangeable flaps, a more accurate pedometer – make kids feel like real super heroes!

The latest model has an enhanced security system – all data presented is encrypted and protected against hacking. Your child will be able to call and answer phone numbers entered in the phonebook, and other numbers not entered in the address book will be blocked automatically. The SOS button helps you get in touch quickly – the clock automatically dials three specified numbers in a row. The clock works worldwide with all GSM networks.

Super-G Blast languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian.


higher resolution screen;
higher speed;
better sound quality;
enhanced protection;
more color and choice of different screensavers;
choice of language;
unique design.

Calls, voice and text messages;
Calls and voice messages from the watch;
Resistance to moisture and dust;
15 numbers phone book;
1.3 ”IPS color touch screen;
240 * 240 screen resolution;
Processor: MTK2503A-ARM7;
Ultra low power consumption;
Battery life: up to 2 days (Battery life depends on selected watch update settings, watch usage and natural wear);
Nano SIM card;
Location (Navigation is based on WiFi and GPS, internally on WiFi and GSM. The positioning error may vary depending on the connection operator, location signal and other technical conditions. This is not an exact positioning device!);
Alarm clock;
SOS help button;
Non-interference mode;
Low battery messages;
Watch and phone bracelets are made of high quality and pleasant skin silicone.

Watch – phone;
Charger (Magnetic charger with USB connection);

Domiwear 2.8″ Android Smartwatch, 2800mAh with LTE

Posted by – October 21, 2019

Domiwear shows some really big Smartwatches, larger screens to do more on your wrist, here featuring their 2.8″ Android Smartwatch with 2800mAh battery, LTE sim card slot, runs on an MediaTek chipset. They also have a large rounded display smartwatch and a large Apple watch style Smartwatch too.

$199 Fitbit Versa 2 with Amazon Alexa, Sleep tracking, Spotify/Pandora/Deezer, 24/7 heart rate

Posted by – October 10, 2019

Fitbit Versa 2 (available for $199 at is a health & fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-in, Sleep & Swim Tracking, available in Black/Carbon, Bordeaux/Copper Rose, Navy & Pink Woven/Copper Rose, Petal/Copper Rose, Smoke Woven/Mist Grey, Stone/Mist Grey. It comes with Amazon Alexa Built in to get quick news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms, control smart home devices and more all through voice input. Based on heart rate, time asleep and restlessness, Sleep Score helps better understand sleep quality each night, Also track time in light, deep and REM sleep stages and get personal insights into sleep. Control Spotify app, download Pandora stations (US only) and add Deezer playlists plus store and play 300+ songs on the wrist. With a larger display and an always on option, information’s always a quick glance away (always on display runs about 2 days on the battery requires more frequent charging). Track heart rate 24/7, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes and floors climbed. Works around the clock with 5+ day battery (when screen is not set to always on), Get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when phone is nearby; Plus send quick replies and voice replies on Android only.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Smartwatch, Amazfit GTS with AMOLED, Amazfit X concept watch

Posted by – September 28, 2019

Huami Technology unveils the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 (Amazfit Stratos 3), focusing on professional sports function, with improvements over Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 2S, featuring a 1.34″ Full Moon Display full circular reflector screen made by JDI, ideal for outdoor use, NFC, surrounded by 3.6L stainless steel with four physical buttons around the dial to allowing the user to operate as well as the touch screen too. With multiple sensors, using two master chips and two operating systems in smart mode and long-range Ultra mode on the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 (Amazfit Stratos 3) can provide 7 to 14 days of battery. With 19 different motion modes, to accurately measure with the built-in BioTracker heart rate sensor, low-power Sony GNSS chip supports four positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo, continuous GPS positioning can reach 70 hours on the battery, enough for most professional outdoor sports usage.

Amazfit GTS 1.65 inch AMOLED with 341ppi pixel density with 100% NTSC gamut, ultra-high color saturation, real and vivid display, combined with transparent 2.5D arc glass, 9.4mm screen thickness, thinner than Apple Watch, over-the-horizon screen, available in six colors to choose from, supports 12 motion modes and GPS+GLONASSS binary positioning. 50 meters deep waterproof performance.