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Good & Easy $4.3 blinking Sports Armbands, Bluetooth Speakers, Smartwatch

Good & Easy shows accessories for iPhone and Android, including a $4.30 (bulk) Sports armband with blinking lights for traffic safety, a $13 Bluetooth speaker, and a $27 Bluetooth watch.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2014

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Open Source Programmable Solar BMS presentation video

Posted by – March 22, 2014

Open Source Programmable Solar BMS development board for any type of rechargeable Lithium cells and supercapacitors. This is for educational purposes only not meant to be used as a finished product it will also come with video tutorials so you can learn how to program a microcontroller (ARM cortex M0) and HW design including PCB layout using Kicad. You can see more details on this video of the beta sample and there will be soon an announcement for the Kickstarter campaign with a video announcement on the electrodacus youtube channel

G-ONE Ripple Light

Posted by – March 15, 2014

G-ONE makes ripple light which is a radio frequency controlled LED lighting system. G-ONE Inc is a Japanese company. The lighting system can be controlled through a mobile device such as an Android device. The protoypes have AAA batteries and the final version will have built in batteries with a battery life of 6 hours and potentially being rechargeable.

$119 Sandisk 128GB MicroSD

Posted by – March 11, 2014

SanDisk launches the world’s highest capacity MicroSD card, the SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC class 10 UHS-I card. Twice the speed of ordinary cards with file transfer speeds up to 30MB/s. Write speeds were closer to 15MB/s.

NXP shows Worlds Smallest 5V Qi Wireless Charger

Posted by – March 10, 2014

NXP Semiconductors demonstrates their new Qi wireless charging transmitter device, which integrates all the circuits for a 5V mobile phone charger in an extremely small package measuring only 5-mm square. Using the NXP solution, fewer than 10 external components are needed to build a complete low-power 5V Qi A5/A11 wireless charging transmitter, alongside the Qi coil and resonant capacitors. The small footprint of the NXP NXQ1TXA5 system-on-chip means that the whole transmitter sits on a PCB of less than 1.5 cm-square with components on a single side. This opens up interesting possibilities for innovative wireless charging pad designs, including fitting the transmitter within the center of the Qi coil.

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HEAD acoustics artificial head and torso simulator to measure the sound quality of phones

Posted by – March 4, 2014

They’ve been doing this for 25 years, all the major smartphon companies use this to simulate real phone calls to test the sound quality of phones.

Cristiano Ronaldo Video Club

Posted by – February 27, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo video club is a club that provides access to exclusive content of Cristiano Ronaldo to his fans. The service is an official service of Cristiano Ronaldo. The video content can be anything game content to videos of his personal life. The service works on any smartphone, featurephone, or basic phone.

Litepoint NFC Testing

Posted by – February 26, 2014

Litepoint is a provider of wireless testing technologies that ensure wireless protocols in devices work. Litepoint is a San Jose, CA and Boston, MA based company. Litepoint offers NFC testing that goes beyond the pass/no pass testing systems to better ensure that NFC works. Litepoint sells their testing technologies to manufacturers of devices such as Foxconn. Litepoint technology is meant to be a production test as well as a performance test.


P2i Waterproof Nanocoating

Posted by – February 26, 2014

P2i is a maker of liquid repelling coating for electronic devices. P2i’s nanocoating doesn’t absorb water but rather it repells water and makes whatever it is covering feel dry. P2i’s nanocoating is 1,000 times thinner then human hair. P2i’s nanocoating is based upon military technology. P2i offers coatings that protect against submersion and splashes. P2i will begin launching their technology later in 2014. P2i’s coating could in theory add only 1 dollar in cost to whatever device it is being added to.


Walking down the street in the Shenzhen Bao’an District

Posted by – February 23, 2014

Bao’an is an area where many of the tablet factories and PCB design houses are, here you can see what the locals like to do on the streets at night.

Fraunhoffer HHI CINIQ Center Big Data German Government Project

Posted by – February 21, 2014

Fraunhoffer HHI CINIQ Center is The German Center for Data and Information Intelligence: partners from industry and academia working on the future of cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Services. Fraunhoffer HHI Ciniq center in Berlin is a platform for the exchange of solutions, knowledge and information – that is the Center for Data and Information Intelligence, short CINIQ. Big Data, cloud computing and Internet services are the key activities of the center, cross-link the various stakeholders together and to promote collaboration among different research institutions. Even companies and potential users are brought on board in the development and presentation of new technologies and digital innovations.

2010 marked the opening of the THESEUS Innovation Center for the Internet of Services. The Center was a showroom, R&D lab, communication platform and marketing tool at one and the same time, and its 500 m2 of floor space supported the marketing of results from the THESEUS program, the German government’s most ambitious IT program (2007-2012).

2013 marked the beginning of a new phase of life when the THESEUS Innovation Center was rechristened CINIQ – The Center for Data and Information Intelligence. Partners from industry and science, both old and new, now cooperate on building the future of Cloud Computing, Big Data and the Internet of Services in Germany.

CreativeChips, Semiconductor Manufacturer of custom-specific integrated circuits

Posted by – January 30, 2014

CREATIVE CHIPS located in Bingen am Rhein is a German mid-size Semiconductor Manufacturer of custom-specific integrated circuits for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. Chip design, ASIC design, serial production and automated testing of high performance ASICs, but also standard ICs.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2013

DisplayLink DL-5500 does 4K over USB 3.0 and Unversal Docking Solution

Posted by – January 24, 2014

DisplayLink DL-5500 USB 3.0 chipset supports 4K output over USB 3.0.

Scanadu Scout personalized medical devices (inspired by the Tricorder from Star Trek)

Posted by – January 14, 2014

Place the Yves Behar designed Scanadu Scout to the forehead, it measures, analyses, and tracks your vitals, they are trying to get FDA approved.

Holî LED Light controlled by Android/iOS

Posted by – January 11, 2014

Square shaped LED light that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. A lot of static and dynamic colors can be programmed with the app, lights can be fixed or they can change, you can design your own lighting effect, picking the colors from the color palette or basing colors on your favorite pictures. If you synchronize the LED light with a slideshow, or for a party, it also can analyze music and pick colors based on the type, rythm etc of the music through their patented algorithm, the effects may be quite awesome in the room. It’s for sale now in Europe for 199€ and they are looking to sell this in the USA for $199.

Find out more at

OLEDCOMM shows Li-Fi, 10mbitps Internet by Light

Posted by – January 8, 2014

OLEDCOMM presents LiFi Transforms any LED light into Internet bandwidth. The light modulates at a very high frequency at up to 300 thousand times per second. Connect your bulb to your ADSL/Fiber box, and anywhere the light reaches, a receiver can download that data at up to an up to 10mbitps speed. For upload, the system can use infrared or something else. They are just waiting for an investor, and all of the world may be using this technology for sending Internet data in the future.

USB Power Delivery standard, 100W, 20V, 5A charging from USB

Posted by – January 8, 2014

USB Power Delivery offers more power through USB charging, both ways, up to 100W, 20V, 5A over USB. You will easily be able to charge your laptop with USB. Power direction can also be both ways from the same cable. Power management allows each device to take only the power it requires and to get more power when required for a given application, power levels for each device can be controlled through new more advanced USB Hub. Also coming up a bit later will be a new dual-side Type-C connector for USB (roughly the size of MicroUSB), the spec to be done by the middle of 2014, with devices to be released in 2015.

TAO-Wellness isometric exercise system

Posted by – January 7, 2014

TAO-Wellness introduces TAO, to exercise at your desk, on the airplane, while watching TV or watching the kids. Isometrics, the science of applying pressure, has been used for thousands of years to improve muscle strength, tone and circulation which is why it is so fundamental to today’s most popular fitness programs like Pilates, Plank Exercising, and the 7-Minute Scientific Workout. However, TAO takes it a step further by adding a dynamic element. It makes you vary the pressure by coaching you through your workout, and then electronically capturing the results. TAO-Wellness has coined the scientific term for this type of exercise as “variobics.”

Binatone’s latest products

Posted by – January 3, 2014

Showing their latest products.

Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2013

Excelitas DigiPile Proximity Sensor at 10µA (passive infrared) Veritas Detection Group

Posted by – December 31, 2013

Gregory Gallinat of Excelitas Technologies (a Veritas company), demonstrates their new DigiPile Thermopile Detector proximity sensor, ultra small consuming only 10 microamps, would for example enable a future smartphone to detect presence to turn itself on (not even need to touch the device like in the Moto X).

You can read more about these sensors here: