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ST Booth Tour at MWC

Posted by Charbax – July 2, 2020

Virtual tour at ST Microelectronics MWC 2018 booth, checking out Smart Home demo using BlueCoin board and chats with Alexa and sees how motion and voice sensors can be used to automate your home. Also sees MEMS Micro-Actuators demonstrating ST's PETRA technology which is tipped to revolutionize headphones. Other demos include a water proof pressure sensor, touch sensors that can be used even with gloves, an NFC smart tile (ST25DV at ) which can tell you whether your goods have been shaken, Deep convolution neural networks demonstration talking about artifical intelligence on microcontrollers and used on sensors as part of the IoT, super accurate Teseo GNSS ADAS sensor that works on all satellite constellations and more.

THINFILM Mobile Marketing NFC Open-Sense and Speed-Tap Technology for industrial and consumer

Posted by Charbax – June 21, 2020

Thinfilm’s vision is to make everyday items ‘just smart enough’, effectively extending the traditional boundaries of the IoT to create the Internet of Everything.Thinfilm products are NFC Solutions EAS for Fashion. NFC Solutions NFC Solutions optimized for consumer and industrial applications: Hardware and software designed with volume production in mind. Built on highly scalable printed electronics technology with Two technologies 1. OpenSense™ Technology: Powerful pre- and post- purchase engagement via mobile: (i) Optimized one-to-one mobile marketing for different parts of customer journey. (ii)Link offline behavior to online profiles. (ii)Bring the power of digital marketing to the physical world: Thinfilm’s digital marketing software helps brands increase in-store product engagement. (i)Branded app with integrated content management. (ii)Content personalization & social sharing. (iii)Data profiles suitable for lookalike audience matching. (iv)Store locator & online repurchase. SpeedTap™Technology: Smart tag knows when a product is factory-sealed or opened: (i) Robust security suitable for mass-market use. (ii) Protects against refill fraud and package reuse. (iii)Proprietary two-level authentication thwarts cloning. (iv)100x faster transaction time than encrypted tags. (v)The first NFC technology to be supported by the World Customs Organization

ENGINEER Online Platform for building software. Your Dream ENGINEER build.60% Codes of lines free and 40% Paid code of lines.

Posted by flatslap – June 21, 2020

ENGINEER brings two incredibly important engineering principles together; building and operating, using a common methodology. With Builder, you don’t need to have any technical skills to create and build your next project. All you need is an idea. Others charge you for every line of code; we bill you for what’s unique. Most software is made up of 60% Components (i.e Facebook Login or integration with an Analytics Provider) and 40% design and business logic. ENGINEER AI draws from our library of Components so that you don’t pay to build what’s been built before.
When you build your app on Builder, ENGINEER guarantee a price online and even offer a rebate if it's ready before time; a stark contrast to the change-request laden, always delayed and never on budget outsourcing market that leaves most customers unhappy. This translates into us being faster and more cost-effective.ENGINEER work on your idea in mind. If you have a product in mind, ENGINEER can make it a reality. If your idea is related to mobile app ENGINEER have lots of pre-build mobile app which are similarly almost 60% of your idea like as, ACCUWEATHER, AIRBNB, AMAZON, ANGELLIST, ASANA and DARK SKY etc. select your most related app idea and proceed to next. If your idea not related to one app you would choose two app after choosing ENGINEER provide facility to select maximum two platforms iOS and Android. ENGINEER takes other 40% custom information from you and cost maximum budget delivered in one to two weeks. Web: Choose from list of pre-existing website models to create your own website. E-commerce launches your own platform from pre-built e-commerce sites. And if you did not match any one else go to SOMETHING ELSE area.
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Edgewater wireless WIFI3 solution and World First Multichannel WIFI Access point Powered by AERA

Posted by Charbax – June 20, 2020

Edgewater Wireless is revolutionizing WiFi infrastructure WiFi3™ technology and Next Generation Access Points. WiFi3™ is the difference, delivering up to 50x greater throughput vs traditional WiFi. WIFI3™ SOLUTIONS: Multi-channel radio architecture , SSA™, ICA™ , Load Balancing and Power Zoning™. WIFI3 the world’s first multi-channel high performances chip. Ultra wide-band, multi-channel wifi, patented 360° spectral surveillance, 3 concurrent channels per radios & up to 6 channels per access point, powerzoning™, independent power control on each channel, eliminate the impacts of interference in high density locations and designed for high density & high interference wifi. (text by flatslap5657 of Fiverr)

ENERGOUS Wireless power solutions WattUp wireless Charging 2.0 Ecosystem Over-The-Air Transmitter

Posted by Charbax – June 19, 2020

ENERGOUS Corporation is leading the next generation of wireless charging – Wireless Charging 2.0. with its award-winning WattUp technology, which supports fast, efficient contact-based charging, as well as charging over-the-air. ENERGOUS products are: WattUp Contact-Based and Over-The-Air Transmitter Technology, WattUp® Wireless Charging Ecosystem, WattUp Wireless Charging, LOWDOWN with Simple Software Control. WattUp® Wireless Charging Comes in The Near Field WattUp system is comprised of a WattUp wireless power transmitter (DA4100), a WattUp wireless power receiver (DA2210), a DC Regulator, a Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery charger and an optional Bluetooth® Low Energy communication link (DA14680, DA14681 or DA14585) which supports battery status communication between the WattUp receiver and transmitter. The same link can be used to provide the user with full power management capabilities using the WattUp Application running on a Smartphone or tablet. Antennas are fabricated using low-cost PCB material. WattUp Contact-Based and Over-The-Air Transmitter Technology Comes in WattUp Wireless Charging 2.0 supports charging at-contact as well as over-the-air, offering more flexible charging options. In this field these products are: WattUp® Near Field Transmitter Technology, WattUp® Mid Field Transmitter Technology, WattUp® Far Field Transmitter Technology. Wireless Charging 2.0: Energous is leading the next generation of wireless charging – Wireless Charging 2.0 – with WattUp®, an RF-based scalable technology that enables both contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging for small electronic devices in an ecosystem that ensures interoperability. (text by flatslap5657 of Fiverr)

Streem pro software for home services with video collaboration tool to help businesses grow

Posted by Charbax – June 18, 2020

Ryan Fink CEO, Co-Founder of Streem talking about Streem and introducing its features. Convenience and confidence from the phone in your pocket. With Streem, you can video call with your pro so they can get all the information they need to diagnose, quote, and prepare for the job without ever entering your home. Signup or request and invite from your pro, receive an SMS invite, install the app, and streem your pro, connect a one-way video, two-way audio, call to discuss the audio.Receive a text invite to have a video call on your time. Keep the dusty toolbox in the garage. The pro can remotely take measurements and collect all the info they need to do the job right the first time. The pro will direct you with a laser pointer and 3D arrow so they can quickly capture accurate information. The pro can share images, video, and information captured from the video call so you have the clarity and peace of mind that you’re both on the same page. Here are some Industries on Streem and their professional on Streem for your help. SMART HOME/AV, HANDYMEN, PAINTERS, HVAC, PLUMBERS,PROPERTY MAINTENANCE AND REAL ESTATE.

Ampere eMAG Skylark 32-core ARM Server CPU

Posted by Charbax – March 26, 2019

eMAG is a family of high-performance ARM server processors designed by Ampere Computing. Ampere's introduction of eMAG to the market concludes and follows on the X-Gene3 design started out by AppliedMicro. eMAG processors targets server workloads capable of taking advantage of a high core count with high throughput. First generation eMAG processors are based on the Skylark microarchitecture, a design that started out by AppliedMicro. Fabricated on TSMC's 16FF+ process, those processors feature up to 32 cores operating at up to 3.3 GHz. DDR4 channels, up to 2666 MT/s with ECC; 1 TiB/socket I/O: 42 PCIe Gen 3 lanes TDP: Up to 125 W Second generation eMAG processors are planned for 2019. Those chips will be based on Ampere's Quicksilver microarchitecture and feature an array of new features and improvements developed also with the new staff that Ampere hired over from Qualcomm's ARM Server team.

SmugMug uses Amazon AWS EC2 A1 ARM Server Instance, 40% cheaper than x86

Posted by Charbax – March 26, 2019

SmugMug achieves 40% cost savings by migrating their photo-serving tier to EC2 A1 instances. SmugMug is able to move their software stack (PHP, Nginx, HAProxy) to A1 instances with minimal effort. And getting everything up and running on A1 instances was like any other EC2 instance for SmugMug.

Arm Neoverse N1 and E1

Posted by Charbax – March 26, 2019

The Neoverse N1 CPU is optimized for a wide range of cloud native server workloads executing at a world-class compute efficiency. This enables an infrastructure transformation where processing is pushed to the edge where data is generated, thereby providing more scalability than moving all data to centralized datacenters.

The Arm Neoverse E1 CPU delivers best-in-class throughput efficiency. It incorporates a new simultaneous multithreading (SMT) microarchitecture design. With SMT, the processor can execute two threads concurrently resulting in better aggregate throughput performance.

The Neoverse E1 delivers 2.1x more compute performance, 2.7x more throughput performance and 2.4x better throughput efficiency compared to the Cortex-A53. The design is highly scalable to support throughput demands for next generation edge to core data transport.

Synology DS1019+ 5/10 Bay NAS

Posted by juliusaugustus – March 21, 2019

The DiskStation DS1019+ is a new 5 bay Network attached storage from Synology. The DiskStation DS1019+ can be expanded up to 10 bays. The DiskStation DS1019+ features an 1.5ghz base/2.3ghz boost Intel Celeron J3455. Prices range from 650 dollars and up.