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Latest Gole1 Mini PC, Rugged Tablets, Fanless Mini PC, Intel and Rockchip based at HKTDC Fair

Posted by – October 18, 2023

Kelly from Gole presents their latest Gole1 Mini PC, featuring an Intel processor. I launched the Gole1 for them 7 years ago here: The device boasts various connectivity options such as Micro SD, USB, HDMI, and gigabit Ethernet. Kelly mentions that this product was initially launched seven years ago, with several updates and models released over the years. The latest version is currently priced at around $250 USD, with discounts for bulk order.

They also do Rockchip CPU based products, the interviewee reveals that it is specifically designed for this product. They mention future releases, with plans for Gole2, Gole3, and Gole4 models, drawing a comparison to the iPhone’s naming convention.

Kelly also discusses their history of manufacturing PC sticks with gigabit Ethernet and numerous USB ports for over five years. They emphasize the price difference between using the RK3588 and Intel processors, stating that the former is slightly more expensive, about $10 USD per unit. Potential buyers are encouraged to contact them directly for the best deals.

When asked if they are the best factory for such products, the interviewee suggests testing their samples to determine their quality. They claim to have sold over a million pieces in the last seven years, with a particular focus on the new product introduced within the past two years.

Regarding the Mini PC’s stability, the interviewee assures viewers of its reliability and performance, emphasizing its fanless and compact design. They also showcase a Mini PC without a display, highlighting its affordability.

The interview moves on to other products, including waterproof and drop-proof Rock tablet PCs, available in 8-inch and 10.1-inch sizes, with both Windows and Android OS options. The interviewee notes the stable RK 3399 CPU, and introduces the RK 3588 as the new and versatile processor, suitable for Mini PCs.

The video briefly features a live show of a Mini PC with an RK 3558 CPU, followed by an all-in-one PC with various ports, enabling connections to different devices. The interviewee also mentions a Russian customer’s substantial purchase of their products.

They conclude the interview by discussing a unique industrial tablet and the increasing popularity of such products at their despite economic challenges in some regions The interviewee acknowledges that the fanless design can cause some heat but assures viewers that it does not affect the device’s functionality. The company remains hopeful for continued growth in orders and mentions that their Shenzhen-based factory is constantly busy, with a dynamic R&D team consistently generating new ideas to market.

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Filmed at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair using my Panasonic G9 (I would like to update to the G9ii) with 12-60mm Leica and the Saramonic Blink500 ProX B2R

Geniatech ARM-Based Mini PC Edge Computing at Computex 2023, Rockchip RK3566/3588

Posted by – June 10, 2023

Geniatech is happy to reconnect with the Computex audience after a strange gap of four years. During this time, Geniatech has been hard at work, engaging in numerous productive meetings with their esteemed customers. Although they have only a brief five minutes before they have to head to the airport, they am determined to utilize this time efficiently and provide you with an overview of several groundbreaking products that Geniatech has developed—specifically, their new line of Edge Computing ARM-based mini PCs.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is Edge Computing? Well, let me shed some light on this transformative concept. Edge Computing refers to the practice of performing computation and data processing at or near the source of data generation, rather than relying solely on centralized cloud servers to do that work. By bringing computing power closer to the data source, Edge Computing enables faster processing, reduced latency, enhanced security, and greater autonomy in various applications. And that’s precisely what Geniatech’s new mini PCs are designed to deliver!

Let’s kick off the introduction with our first standout product, the Geniatech Case 3566. This sleek and compact mini PC boasts exceptional input and output capabilities, making it a perfect fit for Edge Computing use cases. It supports both Linux and Android operating systems, offering incredible versatility for a wide range of IoT projects. Equipped with a robust AI capability, the Case 3566 is ready to tackle complex tasks with ease.

Moving on, they have their remarkable space-saving Edge Computing box based on the RK 1126 chipset. This innovative device features not just one, but two Ethernet ports—an invaluable asset for various project requirements. Additionally, it offers USB 3 connectivity, further expanding its connectivity options. Designed with a pure Linux environment, it includes a powerful 4K encoder, allowing for seamless encoding and decoding operations. Their extensive expertise in encoding and decoding ensures optimal utilization of this feature, enabling smooth IP input and HDMI output functionality.

But wait, there’s more! Allow them to introduce their latest gem—the result of their collaboration with Rock Chip and their cutting-edge Rockchip 3588 chipset. This powerhouse mini PC sets new benchmarks in performance and capability. With two HDMI outputs capable of supporting up to 8K resolution, an HDMI input, a DP port, USB Type-C connectivity, and GPIO support, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Its impressive decoding and encoding capabilities bring unparalleled versatility, making it an indispensable asset for demanding applications. By pushing the boundaries of what was traditionally limited to x86 SOC devices, Geniatech’s new offering opens up exciting possibilities and expands the horizons of Edge Computing.

He is delighted to share that their customers have responded overwhelmingly positively to these new products. The feedback they have received thus far has been incredibly encouraging, validating their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

While they regret not being able to delve deeper into the features and functionalities of these remarkable mini PCs today, he promise to keep you updated with comprehensive insights in the near future. The world of Edge Computing is rapidly evolving, and Geniatech remains at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Thank you for joining us on this brief journey into the world of Geniatech’s Edge Computing solutions. Stay tuned for more updates, detailed reviews, and demonstrations as they continue to shape the future of computing with their groundbreaking products.

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Shenzhen AV Display at Display Week 2023, Hover Touch, Rockchip, NXP Display Driver Boards, IoT

Posted by – June 5, 2023

Shenzhen AV Display as they showcase their cutting-edge products and solutions at Display Week 2023 Let’s dive right in Our host introduces herself as the representative from the sales department at Shenzhen AV Display. She takes us through their impressive range of integrated display solutions, highlighting how they provide a total package to their customers. From displays to PCBs, they offer a seamless system that caters to various needs.

One of the standout features of their product lineup is the ARM board, which serves as the driving force behind their displays. By utilizing Rockchip and NXP as their main solutions, they ensure optimal performance and functionality. The host proudly presents a series of displays, demonstrating their capabilities and versatility.

Among the showcased displays is an all-in-one machine, which boasts two unique functions. Firstly, it serves as an all-in-one solution, providing an immersive user experience. Additionally, it features touch-plus functionality, allowing users to interact with the display effortlessly. The host explains that one of the highlights of this display is its Corona feature, eliminating the need for touch input. Instead, a sensor located inside the display accurately detects user actions. This becomes particularly useful during situations like the ongoing pandemic, where maintaining cleanliness and avoiding contact are crucial.

Moving on, the host presents more display options, emphasizing that Shenzhen AV Display doesn’t just sell individual components; they provide complete solutions. Each display is carefully designed and accompanied by a touch interface, PCB, and even their own custom-designed main board.

The video continues to explore their range of products, with the host introducing another impressive solution powered by Rockchip. This particular display features the Android operating system and is tailored for IoT applications. The host also showcases their smart display module, which comes in a compact five-inch size. It’s fascinating to see how Shenzhen AV Display offers various sizes and customization options to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

To add a touch of uniqueness, the host unveils displays with special shapes, including pottery-type and landscape-type designs. These unconventional displays not only capture attention but also provide immersive visual experiences.

During the conversation, the host reveals that Shenzhen AV Display has been attending Display Week for several years, establishing strong partnerships with renowned panel manufacturers such as BOE, Innolux. This collaboration ensures that they have access to high-quality panels, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability in their products.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating exploration of display technology with Shenzhen AV Display. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more exciting videos. Stay tuned for the latest updates and advancements in the world of display!

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Geniatech 2023 Office Tour, leading designer on Rockchip, NXP, Amlogic… Industrial IoT & Embedded

Posted by – May 22, 2023

Tour at Geniatech’s new office space in the Innovation Park in Shenzhen, China. (watch all my 39+ Geniatech videos from previous 10 years in this playlist: Geniatech’s Founder and General Manager Mr Fang, discusses the new, larger space, and the many new employees and products. The office is located near many big companies, including DJI, and offers a great view of the surrounding area. The video showcases the meeting and showroom areas, where customers can come to view products. The company’s focus is on Arm-based products, including Set-top-boxes, Industrial box PCs, tablet PCs, and TV tuners and now Productivity E-Note devices too. There are also accelerators and replacement boards on offer. The company has strong partnership over many years in the Industrial IoT & Embedded field. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, their long-term cooperation with SoC manufacturers such as RockChip, NXP, Amlogic, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Renesas, and SigmaStar allows them to provide innovative, flexibility, longevity, advanced solutions, including ARM-based development boards, touch panel PCs, mini-PCs, IoT gateways, E-ink notebooks, Android TV boxes, TV tuners and video capture devices, which they have provided to over 2,000 companies worldwide. Geniatech is specialized and focused on IoT solutions. The tour also covers new products, including notebooks with pencil capabilities, which are optimized and affordable for students and professionals alike. The company has offices in other locations, including Beijing and Hangzhou. The team works on shared projects and management software. The tour features also the internal HR meeting room.

Mr Fang takes us on a tour of their office and introduces us to the team. They start by showing us a beautiful view of the mountains outside the office window. Mr Fang then takes us to their room, which is large and shows us the view outside. We then see the meeting rooms, including the department for financial management, and the product management department, where they show us a Raspberry Pi form factor running Linux based on the Rockchip RK3588 providing a powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi. They discuss the Linux support, graphics acceleration, and benchmarking of the product. The host talks about potential customers who might be interested in a Debian Rockchip laptop and mentions that it could be an alternative to the MacBook M1. They also talk about chip shortages and how Amlogic and Rockchip have enough supply. The host then discusses how they work with customers, even those outside of China, through project management teams and sharing code and documents. They even have a hotel near the office where customers can stay for up to weeks if they want to come on location accelerate the technical aspects of the partnership bringing the different engineering teams together. The host has been working in this industry for nine years and has the knowledge and experience to manage projects. They also discuss the growth of the industry in Shenzhen and how other cities in China are following Shenzhen’s example. Finally, we see a demonstration of Ubuntu running on top of Rockchip RK3568.

Sorry for the wobbly image, I somehow disabled by mistake the Dual IS 2 IBIS on my Panasonic G9 with 12-60 Leica lens, so I recorded this video without in-camera stabilization and I had to try to stabilize the footage by it zooming in a little bit into the video using the Davinci Resolve video editor.

Alldocube 13.3/14-inch laptop with Mediatek/Rockchip CPU options and competitive pricing

Posted by – April 24, 2023

Alldocube showcases a laptop with a 13.3 or 14-inch display, made by a factory that produces many laptops and tablets. The laptop can be configured with a Mediatek or Rockchip CPU, with options for 3, 5, or 6 cores, and the design is suitable for tablets, which the factory has been making for over 15 years. The price is competitive and customizable keyboards can be made for any country. The CPU is an Intel Celeron with a large memory. The host discusses the possibility of including a Rockchip CPU in the laptop, as seen in the colorful Rockchip world booth at the factory. The host visited the factory 10 years ago and notes how busy it has been in recent years.

filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

Rockchip Booth Tour at Hong Kong fair

Posted by – April 24, 2023

Here I walk around the Rockchip booth, as again they don’t have anyone who can speak on camera, but that’s ok, right 🙂 The Booth tour showcases various gadgets and devices powered by Rockchip processors, including 4K displays, servers, security cameras, drones, VR headsets, and more. They also demonstrate some unique features of these devices, such as eye protection algorithms and listening training machine. The video provides an overview of the range of products available from Rockchip and highlights their processing power and capabilities filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong

Yuko Laptops, Vaccum cleaner and Large Touch screen display on Rockchip at HK fair

Posted by – April 23, 2023

Sunny from Yuko Technology Corporation, which is a professional manufacturer for electronic products in Shenzhen, China, for around 20 years here filmed at Hong Kong Sourcing Fair Mobile Electronics GlobalSources Spring 2023 in Hong Kong. They are launching a new screening smart screen which is using the rock chip CPU inside, and it’s an Android OS. It can be used to watch movies, finish online classes, enjoy cooking, and can be moved everywhere due to its supreme rotate option. It can be used at home, in offices, shopping malls, classrooms, and anywhere else. The device has a touch screen and is very practical due to its solid rim. The battery can provide five hours of use and is a good quality device. They are hoping to launch rock chip laptops in the future. They also present other devices such as a laptop with a full HD frame compatible with screens from 13 to 17 inches, and an input with Type C DisplayPort solution, and mini HDMI. Another device is a dual display with dual-touch and one-touch, presenting more documents. It has dual 18-inch screens and can be carried around. This device is suitable for designers, programmers, and financial people who need more screens. The company has a range of laptops of different designs, qualities, and prices, with the rugged design suitable for education. They sell around 50k to 100k laptops per month, and the factory has around 500 workers. The video also presents other devices, such as a vacuum cleaner that can clean every floor and a wireless charging display.

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Rockchip Booth Tour at Embedded World 2023 #ew23

Posted by – March 29, 2023

Here I show around the Rockchip booth at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany, I do my best to try to show some of the boards that they have on their walls at the exhibit, I wasn’t able to interview any representatives from Rockchip during the event.

Watch all my Rockchip related videos from Embedded World here:
Seco (12min30sec into video he talks about Rockchip):
OKdo Radxa Rock 5A and 5B:

Welcome to the Rockchip Booth at Embedded World 2023 where they are showcasing their latest products. One of the featured products is the RK3308 development board, which has multiple 8K outputs, four HDMI ports, USB 3, and two Ethernet ports. The board is powered by the RK3588 chip, which is four times faster and eight times better in terms of performance than the RK3399. It can support up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and has six tops AR acceleration. Other products on display include the RK3588S friendly elec board, the RK3588S orange pi board, and the RK3588 register board. There are also products from Chinese partners, such as Pine64 with the RK3566 chip. Additionally, there are a lot of connectors, adapters, and other accessories on display. Thank you for watching and exploring the Ratchet Booth at Embedded World.
(paraphrase description based on auto generated subtitle file in chatgpt)

This video was recorded as part of my Embedded World 2023 day 3 Livestream here:

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Geniatech XPI Raspberry Pi alternatives on Rockchip RK3566, i.MX8M Mini, Amlogic S905X,SOM at #ew23

Posted by – March 18, 2023

Geniatech shows their Alternative to Raspberry Pi, Odroid… at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany Need something a little different Raspberry? Geniatech XPI series single board computers are the best Raspberry Pi alternatives for high performance and low power projects, use the form factor of Raspberry Pi, offer optional Industry-grade SoCs, which are designed for companies developing commercial products with extra features to meet various industrial needs, such as an extended temperatures, longevity support 5-7 years and so on. They also offer professional dev support & engineering services. Read more at

Geniatech also shows their latest SOM modules which you can read more about here

This video was recorded as part of my Embedded World 2023 Day 3 Livestream here:

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Rockchip RK3588 Debian Laptop, Smart AR Glass, Industrial PC at Mobile World Congress 2013 #mwc23

Posted by – March 9, 2023

Rockchip shows their new amazing RK3588 Debian Laptop prototype! As well as Smart Glasses for AR, Industrial PC and more. The RK3588S is the more basic version without the HDMI input. The RK3588 comes with a 6Tops AI Neural Networking accelerator, with Quad Arm Cortex-A76 and Quad Arm Cortex-A55 for a 4 times performance improvement over their extremely successful previous generation RK3399, with a 8 times more powerful Arm Mali-G610 GPU compared with RK3399. It can support 32GB RAM, faster SSD, 8K60 decode, 4K60 capture/encode, WiFi6, many display outputs at the same time. And hopefully Rockchip will again provide 5-10 year long term support and they will hopefully upstream as much excellent Android/Linux support for it as possible! This video was a part of my #mwc23 Livestream day 4

Planet Computers XR1 & XR2 Rockchip Arm Linux Desktops at MWC 2023 #mwc23

Posted by – February 28, 2023

Live at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, day 1 walking around the show floor with my Yolobox Pro Panasonic G9 and a second Sony camera. Please watch and comment live. We will try to stream live the whole day, we have power banks and multiple batteries charged. Check out the MWC 2023 website and floor maps at and search in list of exhibitors here to see in real-time where we are streaming from and post in live chat which booths you’d like us to live stream from next! Please search MWC news on the web and post in live chat what’s new and awesome that we need to find and livestream interviews from. We will try to do this every day until March 2nd, thanks for watching!

Collabora shows Radxa ROCK Pi 4 running Panfrost open source Mali GPU driver

Collabora is at Embedded World 2019, showing their infrastructure for end-to-end, embedded software production, their work on software platforms with reproducible continuous builds, automate testing on hardware to increase productivity and quality control in embedded Linux. They demonstrate Debian-based platform creation with debos and testing on a Virtual Machine – for early identification of issues and regressions, Hardware automated testing of application development through video playing on a Rockchip platform (Chromebook Plus) with VPU decoding and GPU rendering using the Panfrost Open Source driver, Graphics stack development with automated testing, to show how Graphics enablement can be integrated on a Continous Integration pipeline. They also demonstrate two NEW Open Source GPU drivers, etnaviv for Vivante GPU running on an RDU2 Inflight Multimedia Entertainment Device (based on the i.MX6 series SOCs), provided by Zodiac Inflight Innovations, and Panfrost for ARM Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPU, running on a ROCK Pi 4 SBC, provided by Radxa.

Geniatech in 2018, Android TV, Snapdragon 820 board, NXP, RK3399, MediaTek, IoT Gateway and more

Geniatech shows Google-certified Android TV boxes, development boards for the embedded market, IoT Smart Gateway solutions and more. The Geniatech Android TV Set-top-box solutions, now run a full real Android TV UI on AmLogic S905X in the Geniatch ATV495Max, the AmLogic S905D ATV598Max with the DVB-T2 and ATSC. Also selling the Android TV HDMI Sticks ATV135Max and ATV195Max with a larger Wi-Fi antennae. Geniatech also has some Smart Home Smart Gateway products to manage home IoT. Geniatech also does Snapdragon 410 based 96Boards compatible development board, they do NXP i.MX6 with HDMI input and i.MX7 SOM boards too (for the headless Smart Gateway and Smart audio market), they develop their SOM platform for IoT Gateway, Rockchip RK3399 based board with HDMI input and output with Power over Ethernet. Geniatech also does entry level MediaTek powered IoT gateways with Zigbee, Lo-Ra connecting up with Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Geniatech also shows their AmLogic T-962E powered quad 4K HDMI input with 1 HDMI output digital signage for commercial use with overlay picture in picture support.

Kodi Playback with Standard V4L2 Stack

Full upstream implementation of Hardware accelerated video decoding (mainly H264) with the generic V4L2 Mem2Mem API, Zero-copy rendering with DRM Atomic kernel Drivers, DMA-BUF transferred from V4L2 to DRM, FFmpeg V4L2 Mem2Mem integration with Kodi, Kodi GBM Display for Atomic Direct to plane rendering.

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Libre Computer Development Boards S905X, RK3328, H2+/H3/H5 form-factor compatible with Raspberry Pi

Libre Computer introduces three products of their CC-series which are form-factor compatible with the Raspberry Pi boards and based on open-market hardware. Depending on the model, these single-board computers (SBCs) offer higher performance, more RAM, and/or more IO while sharing the existing aftermarket parts ecosystem. All three products were featured on crowdfunding and supported by free and open source software (FOSS) like Linux and u-boot.

AML-S905X-CC, nicknamed Le Potato, is based on the popular Amlogic S905X SoC. It offers up to 2GB of RAM, four 64-bit cores, 4K60 video playback with HDR, and built-in infrared receiver. This board is the most power-efficient platform of the three and uses less than one watt at idle. There is a large suite of available software for the S905X SoC and it is the only one that has previously passed certification for Google’s Android TV platform. Currently, video decode is missing from upstream Linux and is only available from Amlogic’s BSP with Linux 4.9. Android up to 8 Oreo is available with design contract.

ROC-RK3328-CC, nicknamed Renegade, is based on the Rockchip RK3328 SoC. It offers up to 4GB of high-speed DDR4, four 64-bit cores, 4K60 video playback with HDR, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet. Perfect for IO intensive application like home media center, NAS, microservice virtualization, and more. HDMI support in upstream Linux is scheduled to be completed in Q4 2018. Ubuntu and Debian with accelerated video and 3D is available based on Rockchip’s BSP with Linux 4.4. Android up to 8 Oreo is schedule to be available in Q3 2018 with design contract.

ALL-H3-CC, nicknamed Tritium, is based on three separate Allwinner SoCs: H2+, H3, and H5. The H2+ variant offers 512MB of RAM, four 32-bit cores, and 1080P video playback. The H3 variant is the H2+ variant with 1GB of RAM and 4K30 video playback. The H5 variant offers 2GB of RAM, four 64-bit cores, and 4K30 video playback. There is a large software community behind Allwinner SoCs called linux-sunxi and they have been upstreaming Linux hardware support for almost a decade. This platform also has a crowdfunded effort for video decode Linux upstream underway by Bootlin. Android up to 7 Nougat is available.

Full Comparison of Board Features

Libre Computer platforms are radio-less, FCC and CE certified, long-term-supported (LTS 5Y+) single-board computers. Libre Computer offers hardware customization on all supported SoC platforms. Standard boards with components added/removed can be ordered with 1K MOQ. Small effort customization/mezzanine design contract can be requested with 5K MOQ. Full custom design contracts are available for orders with 20K MOQ. Industrial design, software, project management resources are available as part of design contract.

Wunder360 Evomotion 3K 360-camera with smart 360 video features

Posted by – April 20, 2018

Evomotion shows their latest Wunder360 C1 & S1, with features of 360° 3K Video and 4K Photo, Social 360 Live Streaming, Built-in 9-Axis IMU Stabilizer, 5G Wi-Fi, Off-line streaming, ReFrame & Auto Tracking and In-camera stitching Tech for both products. S1 camera also has a waterproof case and removable battery support. I filmed this interview also using the Wunder360 camera which you can watch using your VR headset (by your Smartphone with Cardboard style box or by All-in-one VR headset) here.

$300 Sunchip All-in-one AR on RK3288 (like Hololens), $7 Wi-Fi power plug

Sunchip shows some of their latest products including their all-in-one AR system based on Rockchip RK3288, RK3399 board for digital signage. $58 Amlogic S912 TV box, $26 RK3126 HDMI Stick, $200 Apollo Lake Box. 360 panoramic camera. $7 single Smart Wi-Fi Plug, $11 for dual Wi-Fi plug.

$99 Rock960 Enterprise Edition “Ficus”, Rock960 Pro with RK3399Pro with NPU for AI

Tom Cubie of Vamrs introduces two new Rockchip RK3399Pro based development boards with at Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018, a new ecosystem of development boards for Artificial intelligence development, where the new Rockchip RK3399Pro includes an NPU (2.4 TOPS capable NPU) teamed up with Open AI Lab (who I interviewed here) to support the AI framework.

Rockchip has now officially joined 96Boards as Steering Committee member, which means ROCK960 and other futures 96rocks boards based on Rockchip processors now have official identity in the 96boards/linaro community.

ROCK960 Enterprise Edition board runs Rockchip RK3399Pro hexa core dual ARM Cortex-A72, quad ARM Cortex-A53, Mali-T860MP4 GPU with 2.4 TOPS capable NPU, up to 4GB RAM, Dual SATA 3.0 port with RAID 0/1 support, HDMI 2.0/eDP up to 4K @ 60 Hz, Dual MIPI CSI camera interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi, 3x USB 3.0, 5x USB 2.0, PCIe 2.1 x16 slot and more.

Rock960 consumer edition which I previously also filmed here is about to be manufactured now to be available next month.

Open AI Lab interview with Mingfei Huang and Yang Zhang

Posted by – March 20, 2018

OPEN AI Lab aims to promote the industry development of Arm embedded smart machines, build an embedded SoC basic computing framework for smart machine application scenarios, and integrate application scenario service interfaces. Committed to promoting the in-depth collaboration of the entire industry chain of chips, hardware, and algorithm software, artificial intelligence will be available where there is computation. You can also watch Mingfei Huang’s keynote about Open AI Lab here.

Rockchip RK3229 Smart Speakers Solution runs Android Things with Google Assistant

Posted by – February 25, 2018

Rockchip has optimized their RK3229 and RK3036 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 System on Module solution to run Android Things or another optimized Linux OS to be able to support Google Assistant, Alexa, iflyertek, DuerOS for high-end to low cost smart speaker products and intelligent voice interactive products, supports sound source localization, sound field enhancement, echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. This Rockchip RK3229 Solution supports 8 channel digital silicon microphones directly connected chip solution, and thus achieves an overall solution of cost-effectiveness and high expandability for the Smart Speakers market.