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T-Online Deutsche Telekom web services, used by 16 million Germans per month

Posted by – June 8, 2013

Deutsche Telekom talks about their consumer web services at Next Berlin, talking also a bit about Deutsche Telekom’s talk about metering web bandwidth usage in Germany.

Mailjet SMTP server cloud based email service

Posted by – June 8, 2013

Mailjet was founded with the aim of providing a powerful tool for developers and novices alike to manage emails from A to Z, in a very simple way. They are based in Paris, self-funded and has been cash positive since day one. This interview is with Elie, Head of Marketing and Quentin, Deputy CEO. Mailjet is an all-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Its cloud-based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable. A proprietary technology optimizes the deliverability of the email messages. Developers use Mailjet’s API to integrate a robust email delivery system to their app. On their side, Marketers leverage the intuitive interface and the in-depth analytics. Mailjet actually offers high granularity for all its delivery and activity metrics. From the integration to the effective sending, everything is simplified to the maximum. The volume based pricing is highly competitive.

Next Berlin: TextMaster crowdsourced translation and copy-writing

Posted by – May 25, 2013

50 thousand translators and writers contribute translations and copy-writing, targeting 2 million euros revenue this year. You can go online and order your content and you get it back translated a couple of hours later. Disrupting the translation market at about 3 cents per word at Basic quality, 10 cents per word for the standard level and up to 18 cent per word for expert translation and copy-writing mode.

Next Berlin: Hercules Fisherman, serial entrepreneur, investor in start-ups

Posted by – May 25, 2013

Here Hercules Fisherman is showing his new app called Artspedia, pointing at works in a gallery, it can show information about that painting.

Next Berlin: Blinkist iPhone app resumes non-fiction ebooks in a blink

Posted by – May 25, 2013

They provide abstract versions of non-fiction ebooks so people can “read” ebooks in 10-15 minutes on an iphone.

Stylemarks second-hand fashion marketplace

Posted by – May 25, 2013

Showing off an app to sell second-hand fashion products on the web. Telling stories behind the products and using social media.

Mobberry merging RFID with NFC devices at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 25, 2013

Trying to get this solution to shopping malls around the world.

Microsoft Windows 8 RT at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 9, 2013

I’m asking Microsoft Germany’s Windows Product Marketing Manager Boris Schneider-Johne some questions about the status of Windows RT, I also ask about the Android competition, RT vs Pro market share, everything on Windows RT is encrypted, Surface RT is his secondary computer (Photoshop/Ligthroom doesn’t run on RT), how often does RT crash? Connected Standby (gets latest info all the time through Connected Standby API), and I even ask questions which he obviously can’t answer, about Microsoft claiming ownership over Android (announcing certain Microsoft Partner Android companies paying Microsoft a licence for Android) Cheaper Windows RT? $299 instead of $599? 13.3″ RT? 7″ RT? 8″ RT? and the idea of making a Metro UI for Android (he says it can’t work).

Keez Duivez of PIPS:lab at #nextberlin

Posted by – May 1, 2013

Keez Duivez talks about some of his light grafiti and other light art music and media performances that he is doing at Pipslab and showcasing around the world.

Henriette Weber of ToothlessTiger Denmark hangs out with Bruce Sterling at the #nextberlin conference

Posted by – May 1, 2013

Henriette Weber of Toothless Tiger in Denmark walks around the Next Berlin conference, talking a bit with Bruce Sterling (2) about tech financiers that suck out the money out of startups.

Watch Bruce Sterling’s keynote here:

Euro Maestro at #nextberlin

Posted by – April 29, 2013

Euro Maestro shows around the Next Berlin conference and talks about some of the latest topics in technology that he posts about on Google+ and on his other social networks.

Shani Leiderman and Danijel Kurincic UX Designer at #nextberlin

Posted by – April 27, 2013

Danijel Kurincic designs interactions between people and systems. Officialy a freelancer now. Still works for D.Labs, but also on a gamedev project talks about his UX Design Workshop at Next Berlin.

Shani Leiderman is the Senior Community and Branding Manager at, a mobile App for sharing and discovering online experiences as Time Capsules in the world around you. Here’s the video about and the crowdfunding page:

Thomas Offner, Pro7/Sat.1 Start-up Investment at #nextberlin

Posted by – April 26, 2013

Germany’s largest TV station Pro7/Sat.1 invests in what they find to be promising web start-ups by providing those start-ups in Germany TV ad space in exchange for a minority share in the start-up company stock.

Jeremy Abbett, Google Creative Evangelist at #nextberlin

Posted by – April 25, 2013

Jeremy Abbett talks about using Google APIs, being creative at making new things with the technologies available. We talk about Google+, hardware hacking “making digital physical/tangible”, using arduino, sensors, Google Glass and many other things.

Robert Scoble shows Google Glass

Robert Scoble is showing off the Google Glass at the Next Berlin conference, he gave an awesome keynote on Context, the upcoming wearable computing revolution. Robert Scoble has been using his Google Glass for about a week and offers here some of his impressions and thoughts on this Google headmounted computer Prototype. Check back on for much more on the features and performance of the Google Glass and all other wearable computing devices that I’ll video-blog in the weeks to come.

Charbax Google Glass Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble’s keynote video is here:

I interviewed Mike Butcher!

Posted by – May 11, 2012

Techcrunch Europe‘s Mike Butcher talks about startups and

23 Video Berlin HQ launching in September

Posted by – May 11, 2012 expands out of Denmark to reach more enterprises around Europe out of Germany. 23 Video provides video systems for video centric websites.

Tobii after the Intel investment, eye tracking for ultrabooks?

Posted by – May 11, 2012

Swedish Tobii is probably the worldwide technology leader in eye tracking. All advertising companies in the world probably are using Tobii technology when doing usability testing of web design and web advertising design. Now Tobii plans to expand their reach to provide eye tracking technology to more professionals and perhaps even to consumers if they can make the Tobii eye tracking package compact and cheap enough for it to be integrated in consumer ultrabooks.

QGate Plug it in, GSM and RF for power plugs in your house

Posted by – May 10, 2012

Here’s QGate’s demonstration of the Internet of Things. You buy one of those plugs and then you can control and monitor your home from your smartphone., Match Making based on Music at Next Berlin

Posted by – May 10, 2012

You can find new friends and flirts based on your taste in music. It hooks into your, Spotify, Facebook, iTunes library and more and then comparing your musical tastes with all the other users, it shows your matches for people that have the same taste as you.