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E Ink e-Tile for large area displays by Makoto Omodani, Faculty Director Tokai University

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

Mokoto Omodani, Faculty Director of Tokai University presents a paper entitled, “Concept of e-Tile and its Prototyping” at the DisplayWeek event, the largest gathering of display professionals.

“e‐Tile” is a novel concept for large area displays, is introduced. A typical e‐Tile configuration, in which 100 pixels are mounted on a 100 mm square board, is designed and prototyped. One promising application is the unobtrusive information board, which is far less annoying than the conventional vivid LED/LCD in public spaces.

The expectations for Electronic Paper can be summarized as flexibility, readability, and multi‐functionality with the goal of readability. Paper‐like readability should be accepted as the most important target of Electronic Paper, when we consider that no existing electronic display is as comfortable to read as paper.

Tara Akhavan, Co-founder and CTO at IRYStec, Marketing Vice Chair SID, Panelist Women in Tech

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

IRYStec provides perceptual display processing technology. They showcased the Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) embedded software solutions at SID Display Week 2018. IRYStec enables consumer device and automotive OEMs to optimize their display device viewing experience and performance. Based on the science of the human eye, proprietary image processing algorithms and physiological models, IRYStec replicates and emulates how the human eye sees. Adapting to viewer attributes (age, gender, ethnicity, color and contrast perception) dramatically improves readability across all ambient light conditions, while reducing eyestrain and reducing power consumption.

Shirley Gu, CLEARink Asia General Manager

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

Sri Peruvemba Executive Board Member and Chair of Marketing for SID interviews Shirley Goode from CLEARInk and a sponsor of SID.

CLEARink demonstrates some new technology at SID Display Week 2018 which you can see in my other video here and the company primarily focuses on 1.32 inch displays for wearables and 9.7 inch screens for e-readers. The company has just managed to increase the resolution of their color screens from 106 DPI to 200 PPI due to a new color filter design.

Currently CLEARink is still experimenting and trying to finalize their product. The VP Marketing Sri Peruvemba says, “We have conducted a few different trials in the LCD mass production factory in Asia. They manufactured TFT arrays, helped us put together the display cells (front plane with our TIR film plus electrophoretic ink with black particles and backplane TFT layer), we built the modules, we have been testing them, tweaking some of the parameters and each trial is producing better output. I know this sounds a bit vague but we monitor lots of different parameters and have many permutations and combinations that are yielding acceptable results so we keep optimizing for the select few that we can deploy in Wearables and eSchoolbook applications.”

Robinne Burrell, Chief Digital Product Officer, Redflight Mobile, Redflight Innovation

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

The electronic display industry is filled with female pioneers and professionals who have made outstanding contributions to technology. This year, more than ever, is an ideal time to hear this diverse panel of movers and shakers provide their unique perspectives about what makes the industry tick, how they've gotten to where they are, and what more the tech world needs to do to continue enabling women from all walks of life to rise to their potential.

Over the past decade, Robinne has been at the forefront of technology and emerging media, having worked with brands spanning digital, interactive, mobile and social experiences. She led product development and strategy at Amazon/IMDb, and myspace during its peak and Through her company, Redflight Innovation - an interactive development company located in Los Angeles and Johannesburg - she has built digital products for NBC’s The Voice, Comedy Central and Steven Spielberg’s The VR Company, among others. Robinne was also an on-air correspondent at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, covering the logistical technology used during the ceremonies. Standard and Poor’s identified her as part of the “Society of Industry Leaders” and Hollywood Reporter named her as part of “The Next Generation of Industry Execs.” She is the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Emmy in VR. More info about Redflight Mobile is here:

Lawrence Tannas Jr, Tannas Electronic Displays, Past President, Fellow at SID

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. Consultant, educator, inventor and entrepreneur received his BS in 1959 and MS Electrical Engineering in 1961 from UCLA and worked on navigation and guidance systems early in the Apollo space program. At Autonetics, he invented the world’s first digital liquid crystal calculator display to get into production. For the past 15 years as an entrepreneur, Mr. Tannas has been CEO of Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc., resizing liquid crystal displays for the aerospace and digital signage industries, wherein he holds 20 patents and 20 patents applications. He founder TED, Inc. based on the IP for resizing LCDs in 1999. He has published extensively and written several books and articles on electronic displays. As an educator he taught Displays at UCLA Extention for over 20 years. As an avocation, he has been an airplane owner and pilot with commercial rating, and is a former flight instructor. Larry is Past President and Fellow of the international engineering Society for Information Display (SID) that in 2012 awarded him the Society’s top award with stipend as an Educator. He talks about the challenges in the microcrystal industry.

Filmed at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2018, the world's largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. Lawrence E. Tannas, Jr. Consultant, educator, inventor and entrepreneur was at SID 2018 to discuss his knowledge and achievements in the display industry.

Pixel Scientific resizes LCDs and creates backlights for custom LCD sizes

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

Pixel Scientific makes custom-sized, active-matrix, liquid-crystal display (AMLCD) from mass-produced donor panels - a process that involves excising a section out of a new, fully-functioning display and re-enabling its functions presenting here during SID Display Week 2018 in L.A., the world's largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. The polarizers are trimmed away from the excised edge and the two glass substrates are precisely cut. The excised display is sealed along the fresh edge or edges with a proprietary sealing process that like the original, adheres between the plates and is robust enough for use in our military and commercial aircraft applications. They also re-enable circuit board functions in a more compact form. Their processes serve the aerospace markets, the industrial and medical markets and the digital signage industry.

EuropTec anti-glare glass at SID Display Week 2018

Posted by Charbax – July 12, 2018

EuropTec is a Swiss-based company is a manufacturer of acid etched anti-glare glass, EagleEtch, and specializes in glass processing and fabrication for the display industry presenting here its anti-glare glass products at Display Week 2018 in L.A., the world's largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. Their products are designed to reduce eye strain from glossy displays by using matte panels, which diffuse reflections and allow the user to focus on the screen rather than the reflected images. The resulting benefits are low sparkle, low haze and high clarity. Applications for their products include touch panels, vehicle displays, equipment displays, military and avionics, and gaming displays.

BOE under-display TFT Fingerprint sensor with Guillaume Chansin Irimitech

Posted by Charbax – July 11, 2018

BOE shows their new under-display fingerprint sensor at SID Display Week 2018. It is an optical sensor with a resolution of 500 dpi placed directly under an OLED display based on TFT circuitry that has been certified to meet the TEE standard. Other companies like Synaptics have shown similar concepts before, but this is the first time the under-display fingerprint sensor is made with TFT. Dr Guillaume Chansin who is a consultant in sensor technology at Irimitech gets a hands-on demo. He says there are advantages in using TFT instead of CMOS to make a large sensor that could potentially be the same size as the display in the future. According to BOE the sensor material is not silicon so it is cheaper to manufacture. They can make the sensor on glass or on flexible plastic (for matching with flexible OLED displays).

Gamma Scientific Near Eye Display measurement system

Posted by Charbax – July 11, 2018

Gamma Scientific shows its Near Eye Display (GS-1290 NED) measurement system captures spectral measurements of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Helmet mounted displays as viewed by the human eye. The telescopic optics are compact enough to fit inside a helmet and are designed to point in different directions to emulate the movement of the human eye.

Merck XtraBright transmission, XtraBoost reliability, XtraBrilliant contrast, Livilux OLED materials

Posted by Charbax – July 11, 2018

Merck KGaA shows off its latest and greatest innovations at Display Week 2018 in L.A., the world's largest exhibition for electronic information display technology. The company, established in 1668, showcases its display solutions portfolio using the slogan, ‘Power to the Pixel.’ Merck also debuts new high-performance liquid crystal (LC) singles, called XtraBright (for transmission), XtraBoost (for reliability) and XtraBrilliant (for contrast). Merck KGaA is currently developing OLED materials under the Livilux brand name for vacuum evaporation methods or printing processes. And beyond displays, Merck KGaA is developing new apps for liquid crystal such as their liquid crystal window technology.