Quantum Solutions Quantum Dots at Display Week 2018 I-Zone

Posted by – June 14, 2018

Quantum Solutions is a start-up based in Saudi Arabia, focused on nanotechnology, developing and manufacturing Quantum Dots (QDs) for optoelectronic applications: LCD displays, LEDs, solar cells and photo detectors.

At the I-Zone, they demonstrated their high-efficiency green for LCD applications that replaces the current LCD white with quantum dots using a special film, which ensures a wider color gamete. What makes their technology unique is its 15-nanometer emission for quantum dots. According to Quantum Solutions, current market efficiency is high but the emission width is broad at 30-40 nanometers. Quantum Solutions’ product is much narrower at 15 nanometers, which provides a wider color gamete that can produce an exact green to mix with other RGB colors to create more vibrant and accurate color combinations.

Filmed at the I-Zone demo and prototype area at SID Display Week, the world’s largest and best exhibition for electronic information display technology.