Reflective Electrowetting Display by South China Normal University at SID Display Week 2018 I-Zone

Posted by – June 14, 2018

South China Normal University (SCNU) has been developing reflective displays based on the “electrowetting” effect since 2012. A key point in their technology is the improvement of the aperture of display pixels, which for typical electrowetting displays is approximately 70 percent. SCNU displays include apertures of 85 percent, and if these cells are used in stacked cyan, magenta and yellow cells, the displayed colors are markedly more bright and saturated than in 70 percent aperture cells. As part of this key development, the contrast ratio must be maintained or increased, which is achieved by minimizing the stray light transmitted. Contrast ratios up to 20:1 can be shown.

Filmed at the I-Zone demo and prototype area at SID Display Week, the world’s largest and best exhibition for electronic information display technology.