PlayNitride MicroLED Wins Honorable Mention Award at Display Week 2018 I-Zone

Posted by – June 14, 2018

Taiwan’s PlayNitride, Inc. received an honorable mention for utilizing its PixeLED display technology to build a transparent display with an innovative and unique process to transfer RGB microLEDs onto a pixel.

During Display Week 2018, PlayNitride demonstrated two microLED prototypes. One is a small 0.89″ 64×64 (105 PPI) panel with a brightness of 800 nits. All of the LED chips in this display were transferred in three shots (one shot per color). The pixel size in this display is 0.243 mm.

The second display is a larger panel – 3.12″ 256×256 (116 PPI). Due to the larger number of LEDs (total of 786K LEDs) PlayNitride had to use 24 shots to transfer all three colored chips. The pixel size in this larger display is 0.219 mm.

Filmed at the I-Zone demo and prototype area at SID Display Week, the world’s largest and best exhibition for electronic information display technology.