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DeNA Mov Japanese Taxi hailing app, driver safety app

Posted by – October 17, 2019

DeNA is a taxi hailing app in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Kanagawa, find it at

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here

53min #swisstech CEATEC 2019 booth tour, drones, VR light field, 3D city scanning, crypto, gdpr, etc

Posted by – October 17, 2019

Drone startups, VR holography, VR 3D drone imagery, wind testing, ski tracking, pick and place and more. 13 Swiss companies and startups active in the fields of FinTech, HealthTech, SportsTech, entertainment, VR/MR, drones, and robotics showcase their innovative, high-quality products and services this is a full tour of the #swisstech at CEATEC 2019 booth.

Rigitech drone delivery vertical take-off/landing with 80km range #swisstech

Posted by – October 17, 2019

THE RIGIONE DRONE Technologies is a Swiss startup offering improved logistics through cargo drone delivery.

Inspired from cargo airplanes and optimized for logistics


Vertical takeoff and landing combined with fixed wing range capabilities



Land to deliver a package and pick up another one or do a low-altitude precision drop-off at the destination



40km return flight with same battery K 3G PAYLOAD WEIGHT, epresents over 80% of parcels shipped todday

Video-coverage from CEATEC 2019 sponsored by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, watch my videos with SEL here:

Shift Cryptosecurity Swiss Blockchain startup #swisstech

Posted by – October 17, 2019

Swiss-made hardware and software for easy cryptocurrency use and storage.

Free Bionics Exoskeleton spin out of ITRI

Posted by – October 17, 2019

FREE Bionics’ journey began at the first team of scientists in ITRI Taiwan (Industrial Technology Research Institute, the national leading institute which developing robotic technology) . After overcoming obstacles and challenges, with 2016 R&D 100 award, our team spun off from ITRI in 2017. We are the first independent company in Taiwan developing powered exoskeletons, exo-suits and bionic technology products.
By supporting or enhancing human strength and mobility on medical and industrial fields, we aimed to increase global working population and human potential. We provide various exoskeleton products and solutions to make people’s life easier and better.

TG0 etee finger tracking controller for VR

Posted by – October 17, 2019

etee is a finger-tracking controller using TG0’s patented technology, etee allows user to control VR without gloves, camera, or other equipment. etee is lightweight and intuitive to use. The controller has a battery life of 8 hours that enables the user hours of time to build, explore, and immerse themselves into the world of VR.

i-Chips 8K projector merging 4x 4K projectors, 8K PinP, 4K rotations, scaler, de-interlacer, warping

Posted by – October 16, 2019

i-Chips Technology shows IP00C331, IP00C381 is a fabless semiconductor company primary focused on video and image processing LSI such as Scaler, De-interlacer and Warping.
Our products are widely adopted by various kinds of video and image application like Monitors/Displays/Video wall, Projectors etc. Strong features of our products are higher image quality and also variety and flexible specifications, resulted in use at industries that requires better image quality i.e. broadcast and medical field.

C-Smartlink Type-C Dongles, USB Docking, Adapter, Hub

Posted by – October 16, 2019

CoreHW Rabbit SP16T BT5.1 Indoor Positioning Optimized RF Switch

Posted by – October 16, 2019

CoreHW RABBIT is a chip product family optimized for BLE. CoreHW RABBIT SP16T enables very high direction-finding accuracy needed especially for BT5.1 AoA/AoD indoor positioning feature. Using a new direction-finding feature in Bluetooth 5.1 makes it possible for Bluetooth devices to determine the direction of Bluetooth signal transmission, offers two methods for determining the angle that Bluetooth signal is being transmitted from with a high degree of accuracy: Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD). Components needed to take full advantage of Bluetooth AoA/AoD are Bluetooth 5.1 capable transceiver, phase accurate switch and antenna array. The unique RF switch developed by CoreHW features 16 phase matched antenna ports, which can be used to drive single-ended or differential antennas. Absorptive reflective antenna terminations are also available. CoreHW offers custom antenna design service for various beacon enclosure shapes and size.

Lattice sensAI FPGA rapid Neural Network AI deployment

Posted by – October 16, 2019

The full-featured Lattice sensAI stack includes everything you need to evaluate, develop and deploy FPGA-based Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence solutions – modular hardware platforms, example demonstrations, reference designs, neural network IP cores, software tools for development, and custom design services The Lattice’s FPGA-based machine learning solutions are highly flexible, easy to implement, low power (from under 1 mW-1 W), small (package sizes starting at 5.5 mm2) and priced for high volume production, Lattice can help accelerate deployment of always-on, on-device AI into a wide range of Edge applications including mobile, smart home, smart city, smart factory, and smart car product.

IncrediBuild, reduces build times up to 90% for Windows and Linux development

Posted by – October 16, 2019

IncrediBuild, the market leader in software development acceleration, dramatically reduces build, testing, code analysis and other.

Taiyo Yuden world leader capacitor manufacturer, shows BT5 modules with Nordic Semi

Posted by – October 16, 2019

Zoimeet translation in Vuzix Blade Smart Glass, a killer app!

Posted by – October 15, 2019

Crucial to get awesome Smart Glass like the Vuzix Blade Smart Glass ($799 at is to get killer apps on it, the possibility to get real-time continuous translation in the smart glass may well be one such killer app, here demonstrated by this opens up the possibility to travel to new countries and understand what the people are saying around.

iView DLP projector module maker, short throw, 4K, compact FHD, phone size, on table smart touch

Posted by – October 14, 2019

iView was founded in 2007, is a leading supplier of Pico-projector Optical Modules and a National High-tech Enterprises with modules widely used in projectors, mobile & wearable devices, HUD, advertising, 3D scanning and printing. With a worldwide market coverage, iView has established long-term relationship with many well known brands here demonstrating projectors sold in China from companies such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, JmGO, Xgimi and probably also many other from low cost devices to high end devices too which I have been filming over the past decade Also here showing some of their advanced new R&D designs they integrate DLP projection for AR, headmounted displays, heads up display, table touch, holographic view and more.

Podoor DLP projectors, FWVGA to Full HD

Posted by – October 14, 2019

Shenzhen Podoor shows their newest DLP pico projectors from FWVGA to Full HD, eith lumens from 70 to 400, distributors can contact them for bulk order.

Make Chicken using Egg Incubators by Sun Shi Zhuo

Posted by – October 14, 2019

Put the fertilized eggs in this machine and they manage the incubation until the eggs hatch.

Onyx Boox Note2 10.3″ Qualcomm Front light

Posted by – October 14, 2019

An overview of the new Onyx Boox Note2, with its new performance.
You can see behind the scenes as they show it to many Chinese media:

Onyx Boox Note2, Max3 with Onyx CEO

Posted by – October 13, 2019

Onyx presents the new 10.3″ Note2 with Qualcomm Octa Core ARM Cortex-A53 platform, responsive, with front-light, battery effecient, probably the most optimized and the most advanced E Ink notepad in the world at the moment. And the new 13.3″ Boox Max3 also thinner, lighter, also running on the Qualcomm Octa-core platform on an Android 9 base.

Geniatech IoT TV Box, Zigbee Gateway with OpenWRT, LoRa Gateway, Zigbee Dongle, HDMI Capture

Geniatech shows their new IoT integrations for their TV Box market expertise, adding Smart Home functionality in the TV Box, introducing their Zigbee Gateway, Industrial IoT LoRa Gateway based on their Snapdragon 410 Dragonboard 96Boards Developer Board 4 Hub to do the edge computing, Zigbee Dongle adds IoT Smart Home to any Set-top-box such as the Geniatech ATX598Max and other that supports it in the software. Geniatech HDMI Capture

Zhiyun Weebill-S gimbal stabilizer, 300% stronger, faster

Posted by – October 13, 2019

The Zhiyun Weebill-S seems to be the best gimbal stabilizer on the market for small to medium sized mirrorless camera and lens setups, with direct digital compatibility with the cameras on the list at with all other camera and lens setups also compatible as long as their size and weight are within this compact and light gimbals physically supported limit.