CoreHW Rabbit SP16T BT5.1 Indoor Positioning Optimized RF Switch

Posted by – October 16, 2019

CoreHW RABBIT is a chip product family optimized for BLE. CoreHW RABBIT SP16T enables very high direction-finding accuracy needed especially for BT5.1 AoA/AoD indoor positioning feature. Using a new direction-finding feature in Bluetooth 5.1 makes it possible for Bluetooth devices to determine the direction of Bluetooth signal transmission, offers two methods for determining the angle that Bluetooth signal is being transmitted from with a high degree of accuracy: Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD). Components needed to take full advantage of Bluetooth AoA/AoD are Bluetooth 5.1 capable transceiver, phase accurate switch and antenna array. The unique RF switch developed by CoreHW features 16 phase matched antenna ports, which can be used to drive single-ended or differential antennas. Absorptive reflective antenna terminations are also available. CoreHW offers custom antenna design service for various beacon enclosure shapes and size.