Rockchip Booth Tour at Embedded World 2023 #ew23

Posted by – March 29, 2023

Here I show around the Rockchip booth at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany, I do my best to try to show some of the boards that they have on their walls at the exhibit, I wasn’t able to interview any representatives from Rockchip during the event.

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Seco (12min30sec into video he talks about Rockchip):
OKdo Radxa Rock 5A and 5B:

Welcome to the Rockchip Booth at Embedded World 2023 where they are showcasing their latest products. One of the featured products is the RK3308 development board, which has multiple 8K outputs, four HDMI ports, USB 3, and two Ethernet ports. The board is powered by the RK3588 chip, which is four times faster and eight times better in terms of performance than the RK3399. It can support up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and has six tops AR acceleration. Other products on display include the RK3588S friendly elec board, the RK3588S orange pi board, and the RK3588 register board. There are also products from Chinese partners, such as Pine64 with the RK3566 chip. Additionally, there are a lot of connectors, adapters, and other accessories on display. Thank you for watching and exploring the Ratchet Booth at Embedded World.
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