Shenzhen AV Display at Display Week 2023, Hover Touch, Rockchip, NXP Display Driver Boards, IoT

Posted by – June 5, 2023

Shenzhen AV Display as they showcase their cutting-edge products and solutions at Display Week 2023 Let’s dive right in Our host introduces herself as the representative from the sales department at Shenzhen AV Display. She takes us through their impressive range of integrated display solutions, highlighting how they provide a total package to their customers. From displays to PCBs, they offer a seamless system that caters to various needs.

One of the standout features of their product lineup is the ARM board, which serves as the driving force behind their displays. By utilizing Rockchip and NXP as their main solutions, they ensure optimal performance and functionality. The host proudly presents a series of displays, demonstrating their capabilities and versatility.

Among the showcased displays is an all-in-one machine, which boasts two unique functions. Firstly, it serves as an all-in-one solution, providing an immersive user experience. Additionally, it features touch-plus functionality, allowing users to interact with the display effortlessly. The host explains that one of the highlights of this display is its Corona feature, eliminating the need for touch input. Instead, a sensor located inside the display accurately detects user actions. This becomes particularly useful during situations like the ongoing pandemic, where maintaining cleanliness and avoiding contact are crucial.

Moving on, the host presents more display options, emphasizing that Shenzhen AV Display doesn’t just sell individual components; they provide complete solutions. Each display is carefully designed and accompanied by a touch interface, PCB, and even their own custom-designed main board.

The video continues to explore their range of products, with the host introducing another impressive solution powered by Rockchip. This particular display features the Android operating system and is tailored for IoT applications. The host also showcases their smart display module, which comes in a compact five-inch size. It’s fascinating to see how Shenzhen AV Display offers various sizes and customization options to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

To add a touch of uniqueness, the host unveils displays with special shapes, including pottery-type and landscape-type designs. These unconventional displays not only capture attention but also provide immersive visual experiences.

During the conversation, the host reveals that Shenzhen AV Display has been attending Display Week for several years, establishing strong partnerships with renowned panel manufacturers such as BOE, Innolux. This collaboration ensures that they have access to high-quality panels, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability in their products.

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