Rockchip RK3588 Debian Laptop, Smart AR Glass, Industrial PC at Mobile World Congress 2013 #mwc23

Posted by – March 9, 2023

Rockchip shows their new amazing RK3588 Debian Laptop prototype! As well as Smart Glasses for AR, Industrial PC and more. The RK3588S is the more basic version without the HDMI input. The RK3588 comes with a 6Tops AI Neural Networking accelerator, with Quad Arm Cortex-A76 and Quad Arm Cortex-A55 for a 4 times performance improvement over their extremely successful previous generation RK3399, with a 8 times more powerful Arm Mali-G610 GPU compared with RK3399. It can support 32GB RAM, faster SSD, 8K60 decode, 4K60 capture/encode, WiFi6, many display outputs at the same time. And hopefully Rockchip will again provide 5-10 year long term support and they will hopefully upstream as much excellent Android/Linux support for it as possible! This video was a part of my #mwc23 Livestream day 4