FON launches Fonera Simpl with EAP

Posted by – April 3, 2012

FON is the worlds biggest WiFi community, thus far with 5 million users around the world using FON routers to share their WiFi internet with neighbors and roam the world for free. Now they are adding EAP functionality to the WiFi router offering mobile operators a unique way to relieve congested networks. The idea is that you can maybe soon get closer to unlimited data for a very cheap pre-paid or subscription smartphone contract, all the while the carrier tries to connect you on WiFi as often as possible and as automatically as possible. As is trying to do it in the USA, all the worlds carriers should implement FON support and automatically connect to FON WiFi hotspots for transfering the data and voice packets and thus save on 3G and 4G bandwidth costs. Monthly traffic generated via Fon WiFi is over 2 Petabytes, a 20 fold increase in just two years. Today, the size of the Fon network increases by a thousand hotspots every four hours, 100 times faster than in 2008. I’d like to see FON include White Spaces in the routers and thus contribute to create a worldwide free unlimited bandwidth network for everyone!

You can read more in the press release