Fraunhoffer HHI CINIQ Center Big Data German Government Project

Posted by – February 21, 2014

Fraunhoffer HHI CINIQ Center is The German Center for Data and Information Intelligence: partners from industry and academia working on the future of cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Services. Fraunhoffer HHI Ciniq center in Berlin is a platform for the exchange of solutions, knowledge and information – that is the Center for Data and Information Intelligence, short CINIQ. Big Data, cloud computing and Internet services are the key activities of the center, cross-link the various stakeholders together and to promote collaboration among different research institutions. Even companies and potential users are brought on board in the development and presentation of new technologies and digital innovations.

2010 marked the opening of the THESEUS Innovation Center for the Internet of Services. The Center was a showroom, R&D lab, communication platform and marketing tool at one and the same time, and its 500 m2 of floor space supported the marketing of results from the THESEUS program, the German government’s most ambitious IT program (2007-2012).

2013 marked the beginning of a new phase of life when the THESEUS Innovation Center was rechristened CINIQ – The Center for Data and Information Intelligence. Partners from industry and science, both old and new, now cooperate on building the future of Cloud Computing, Big Data and the Internet of Services in Germany.