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Allied Vision at Embedded World 2020, Alvium CSI-2 camera for Toradex Embedded Vision Starter Kit

Posted by – March 26, 2020

Allied Vision and Toradex present Embedded Vision Starter Kit including Allied Vision’s Alvium CSI-2 camera and Toradex Apalis iMX8 Module and Ixora Carrier Board.

Industrial performance and easy integration for Embedded Vision
– Learn more about Allied Vision’s Alvium CSI-2 camera series

00:26 Introduction of Alvium Camera Series
01:27 Embedded Vision Starter Kit
02:31 Allied Vision’s Machine Vision expertise
03:03 Allied Vision’s Embedded Ecosystem
03:27 One CSI-2 driver supports all
04:10 The Alvium platform concept
05:16 Industrial performance for embedded vision
06:27 Image processing for AI applications

Allied Vision is a Toradex ( Partner and is featured as part of the Apalis iMX8 Embedded Vision Starter Kit ( The kit functions as a reference implementation and was built using best in class cloud, industrial-grade edge software and hardware.

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Beagleboard at Embedded World 2020, BeagleBone AI, PocketBeagle, BeagleBone Black Wireless, Blue

Posted by – March 23, 2020 Foundation founded in 2008 is a 501(C)3 that works with many of the electronics industry leaders bringing innovation to market. By utilizing fully open-source hardware and software, has pioneered new ground for embedded devices, robotics, industrial computing and artificial intelligence. Building on the proven open source ( Linux approach for everything from small projects to industrial systems, single board computers (SBCs) ( help designers meet their goals and get to prototype and production quickly. works with the community ( to develop fully open hardware and has worked on the concept and realization of BeagleBoard, BeagleBone, BeagleBone Black (, BeagleBone Black Wireless (, BeagleBone Blue (, PocketBeagle ( and the new BeagleBone AI ( – Offering a Fast Track to Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence at the Edge at a Price for Every Project.

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

PHYTEC Embedded Imaging

Posted by – March 23, 2020

In this video Mr.Ralf, head of PHYTEC sales explains about Embedded Imaging topics such as why PHYTEC Embedded imaging integrates image processing to embedded devices and how to keep development costs low and a lot more on the advantages of using PHYTEC embedded imaging services in your project.

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

Beta Layout at Embedded World 2020, PCBs, laser-cut SMD stencils, front panels, UV-colour printing

Posted by – March 22, 2020

Beta LAYOUT is a leading company in Europe in the field of printed circuit board services. The company was founded in 1989 as a service provider for printed circuit board design. Today, Beta LAYOUT GmbH not only produces and sells printed circuit board prototypes, high-tech PCBs, and small series according to the PCB-POOL® shared-cost principle at three locations in Germany. But also laser-cut SMD stencils, front panels including laser engraving and uv-colour printing, laser sintered 3D prints. The online shop BETA-eSTORE offers tools and accessories for prototype PCB builds and RFID equipment.
Moreover, Beta LAYOUT provides service for embedding RFID chips into printed circuit boards and offers SMT/THT assembly for prototypes.
Beta LAYOUT with its headquarters in Aarbergen/Germany and further locations in Ireland, and the US, has more than 200 employees.
Product range – Made in Germany:
PCB prototypes and small series
flexible PCBs
RFID technology
SMD stencils
Reflow solder equipment
3D prints laser sintered

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

Gowin FPGA at Embedded World 2020, GW1NRF, Bluetooth enabled FPGA, GoAI machine learning, GW1NSE

Posted by – March 21, 2020

Founded in 2014, GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., headquartered with major R&D in China, has the vision to accelerate customer innovation worldwide with programmable solutions. GOWIN focusing on optimizing products and removing barriers for customers using programmable logic devices. Gowin’s commitment to technology and quality enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership from using FPGA on their production boards.
It’s the first time GOWIN has had its own stand at Embedded World to showcase and demonstrate latest FPGA technology to the European market.
GOWIN showcasing and demonstrating its leading FPGA solutions including GW1NRF devices and modules, the world’s first Bluetooth enabled FPGA ideal for IoT applications, GoAI machine learning solution for Edge AI inference and GW1NSE Secure FPGA device implementing Intrinsic ID’s highly advanced and capable BroadKey software stack.
GOWIN’s commitment to technology and quality enables customers to reduce the total cost of ownership from using FPGA on their production boards. Company’s offerings include a broad portfolio of programmable logic devices, design software, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and development kits.
For more information about GOWIN, please visit

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

The growing Zephyr RTOS community with Kate Stewart Zephyr Project Linux Foundation Senior Director

Posted by – March 18, 2020

With the vendor-neutral open source environment, contributors have played an integral role in advancing the Zephyr RTOS. Last year, more than 500 contributors helped launch the 1.14 LTS release, which offers vendors a customizable operating system that supports product longevity, security and interoperability. Since then, the community has hit several additional milestones and now has more than 600 active contributors and support for more than 200 boards. In fact, last month Zephyr had 1390 commits – which equates to almost 2 commits an hour.

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

PHYTEC Update & Device management

Posted by – March 17, 2020

In this video Martin Schwan from PHYTEC Messtechnik Gmbh explains to you about the device management platform that is tailored to PHYTEC products, and how we provides a solution for the management and implementation of software updates, suitable for a large number of devices.
OTA field updates are a common requirement in modern embedded device deployments .We facilitate the roll-out of your software into the field by preparing the RAUC Robust Auto-Update Controller in all current BSPs. The update client ensures the reliable installation of signed BSP updates on the embedded systems and is supported by Yocto in the meta-rauc layer.
With the RAUC update framework, the first major component will make sure that your updates are installed safely and securely whereas the second component is a deployment server hawkBit that manages your update artifacts, controls roll-out strategies, gives feedback about device update states, etc.
PHYTEC supports you both in implementing the update mechanisms and in creating the appropriate infrastructure – from RAUC configuration and setting up cloud services to protecting the hardware from installing malicious software.

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here:

Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 dual Arm Cortex-M33 at Embedded World 2020, NB-IoT, LTE-M, BLE, Quuppa

Posted by – March 11, 2020

Nordic Semiconductor’s Bjørn Kvaale shows the latest cellular IoT NB-IoT, LTE-M, GPS and BLE Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding, Zigbee and Thread solutions for development on the market today. Showing their Bluetooth Low Energy solutions including the newly launched nRF5340 SoC featuring dual Arm Cortex-M33 processors, truly secure, with two flexible processors, the advanced feature set, and an operating temperature up to 105 °C, makes it the ideal choice for professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications The nRF5340 PDK is the preview development kit for the nRF5340 SoC, containing everything needed to get started with development, on a single board. The PDK supports development with an extensive range of wireless protocols. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy, including the Long Range and high-speed 2 Mbps features. Mesh protocols like Bluetooth mesh, Thread and Zigbee can be run concurrently with Bluetooth LE, enabling smart phones to provision, commission, configure and control mesh nodes. NFC, ANT, 802.15.4 and 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols are also supported. The PDK is bundled with an NFC antenna that quickly enables testing of nRF5340’s NFC-A tag peripheral. A SEGGER J-Link debugger is on the board, enabling full-blown programming and debugging, of both the nRF5340 SoC and external targets. All analog and digital interfaces, and GPIOs are available via headers and edge connectors. The kit is Arduino Uno Rev3 hardware compatible, meaning it can be easily interfaced with external device shields, including the Power Profiler Kit. Four buttons and four LEDs simplify input and output to and from the nRF5340 SoC, they are all user-programmable. An on-board external memory is connected to the 96 MHz QSPI peripheral in the nRF5340 SoC. The PDK is typically powered with USB, but can be powered by a wide range of sources, within the supply range of 1.7 to 5.0 V. In addition to USB, it can be powered with external source, but also includes a CR2032 battery holder and a Li-Po battery connector, for in-field testing. Current consumption can be measured by using the dedicated current measurement pins. The nRF Connect SDK is the software development kit for the nRF5340 SoC, and it has board support for the nRF5340 PDK.

Embedded World PHYTEC booth tour with Yves Astein

Posted by – March 7, 2020

In this booth tour, Yves Astein (product manager Phytec) explains about how PHYTEC develops and manufactures System on Modules and Single Board Computers for industrial use in Mainz, Germany. He is focusing on a high level of customizability as well as interface standardization of PHYTEC SoMs and how they incorporate essential circuitry common to all embedded applications. By designing a SOM into an application the customers can avoid the challenge and risk of advanced microprocessor design, fine pitch BGA, high-speed routing, design verification, EMC conformance, and the significant effort of board bring-up and BSP development. PHYTEC has passed numerous horizontal and vertical directives and standards such as the UL certification (UL), radio transmitter directive RED, power station approval KTA, automotive directive e1, railway and medical certifications. PHYTEC also has experience in developing modules for global use and getting them certified. PHYTEC’s Single Board Computer can be modified and configured according to customer wishes due to their constantly growing Design Library with its off-the-shelf Building Blocks. PHYTEC also offers solutions for Internet of Things and Embedded Imaging as well as hardware specific software. Throughout the video, Yves explains about the working demo of various modules and customer applications.

Full Embedded World 2020 video coverage 40+ videos uploading now, Members get early access first

Posted by – March 4, 2020

The most awesome videos from Embedded World #ew20 are uploading now. Will be published at the rate of about 2 videos per day over the next 3 weeks, but $5/month members at can watch all the unedited videos already at starting tomorrow (just need to complete uploading) thanks for your support!

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MultiTaction with jkkmobile at ISE 2020, UNB, XNB 55” interactive display, Canvus Showcase with CEO

Posted by – February 22, 2020
Category: Exclusive video, ISE

Hanging out with jkkmobile at ISE 2020 at the MultiTaction booth, featuring cutting edge interactive large-scale video wall multi-touch displays for ultimate customized visitor experience, collaboration and presentation software for ideation, data visualization using big data. MultiTaction is a leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs their displays are stackable into any size or shape and support unlimited touch points, hand recognition and object recognition, in use in over 50 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with offices in Silicon Valley, New York City, Chicago and Singapore. Their XNB touchscreens are the best for video wall installations . Unique Clearsight Touch technology combines incredible touch response, feeling and image quality. Their UNB touchscreens are best for cost sensitive applications that need great video wall touch experience and moderate brightness Canvus Collaboration Software they claim is unbeatable collaboration software to increase productivity within teams for video walls in meeting space, boardrooms, Executive Briefing Centers, innovation labs, and in higher education Showcase presentation software delivers they claim the ultimate interactive experiences, and brings your presentations to life. With its quick online editor and a powerful multimedia engine, Showcase allows you engage, delight and entertain employees, clients and visitors alike.

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

BenQ 4K Projectors at ISE 2020, LK953ST 5000 lumen 0.8-0.88x, InstaShow WDC20C, for Education, proAV

Posted by – February 18, 2020

BenQ has nr1 market share worldwide (in Q2 2019) for 4K Projectors with a 29.77% Market Share thanks to BenQ’s CinematicColor technology, at ISE 2020, BenQ shows products for education, corporate, proAV and retail sectors, BenQ DuoBoard new platform-agnostic Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) is the first display technology to support two different operating systems to function on the same screen simultaneously. BenQ CS-series personalised workspace enhances collaboration BenQ InstaShow WDC20C with a USB-C compatibility to collaborate via a one-click button or the BenQ InstaShare app. World’s first Pantone colour validated digital signage display. BenQ launches the BH3801D, a double sided 38’’ stretch display, as well as the BH2401T, a 24” stretch display with touch.

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

Lenovo Smart Office at ISE 2020, Lenovo ThinkSmart View, ThinkSmart Hub 500, ThinkSmart Manager

Posted by – February 17, 2020

Lenovo Smart office features the ThinkSmart View, a dedicated personal business communications device for Microsoft Teams audio and video calls, comes with a dedicated display for Teams audio and video conferencing, powered by the Qualcomm APQ8053 SoC, a physical camera shutter and a device lock by PIN, available starting January 2020, starting at $349 or $449 with a ThinkPad X1 ANC Bluetooth Headset.

ThinkSmart Hub 500 for a huddle space in small to medium conference spaces, with either Microsoft Team Rooms or Zoom Rooms, ThinkSmart Edition Tiny for Zoom with Zoom Rooms bundle kits for small, medium and large meeting spaces featuring its ThinkSmart Edition Tiny for Zoom (available now from Maverick AV Solutions) (based on the ThinkCentre M920q). The solution includes the Lenovo Tab M10 controller and Heckler stand, featuring Logitech audio and video peripherals Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager, software for IT departments to easily manage interconnected ThinkSmart devices provides welcome security (available now with the first year’s subscription included).

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

Epson at ISE 2020, 4K Native 3LCD Projector, 4K Enhanced, Blending, Projection mapping, signage

Posted by – February 17, 2020

Epson stand at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam, the world’s biggest pro AV show, showing a wide range of professional projectors up to blending 2x 30’000 Lumen projectors, #EpsonUnboxed featuring 8x Epson EB-L20000U laser installation projectors performing projection mapping displaying a variety of intricate graphics and projection mapping effects made by Crucial FX featuring 3D effects, a Hydraulic lift platform, an 8-metre turntable and a Formula One racing car, dedicated laser display solutions for corporate and education, as well as ultra-short-throw projectors and their latest OLED microdisplay Moverio augmented reality smart glasses 3LCD installation projectors suitable for arenas, shopping malls, to stadiums and art installations featuring EB-L20000U, EB-L20000U, EB-L1755U, EB-L1755U, EB-L30000U, EB-L30000U for museums and galleries, to historical buildings and tourist attractions featuring also the Moverio BT-350, EB-L12000Q, EB-L12000Q and more.

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

Panasonic at ISE 2020, 4K 50’000 lumen DLP projector, AV-UHS500 Compact 4K Switcher, 8K CMOS sensor

Posted by – February 16, 2020

Panasonic is Showcasing the future of glass-to-glass solutions for the AV world with the Panasonic eSport Arena (eSports is the fastest-growing sector in the AV industry) combining an IP/IT-centric platform, 8K ROI camera system and 4K live switcher with powerful 4K laser projectors and large format displays Next Generation IT/IP platform open architecture ST 2110, SDI, NDI seamlessly link projection, display and camera solutions New 12G-SDI compatible compact 4K Live Switcher (AV-UHS500) 8K ROI (Region of Interest) Camera System Robotic Systems for PTZ Cameras, 50.000 lumens and 4K laser projection Powerful large format 4K displays Panasonic is introducing the world’s most compact and lightest 30.000 lumens 4K laser projector PT-RQ35, Stunning image quality in a compact body, designed for smart live production, Quad Pixel Drive, Red and blue laser for super colour reproduction, Enhanced Filter-less design with 20.000 hours maintenance-free operation, Slot NX for configurable connectivity, NFC communication for offline configuration and checking, The art of engaging museum visitors driven by technology, the world’s thinnest bezel video wall, Comprehensive range of 4K professional displays for all environments, Completed range of projectors and lenses encouraging innovation and end-user experiences, Customer Insight: Intelligent Video Analytics Truly spectacular large-format images in a seamless bezel displays 55” frameless D-LED LCD display 24/7 operation, 700 cd/m2 IPS panel with AAG anti-glare surface Seamless 0.44mm even bezel Simple installation with Digital Link Entry-grade displays EQ Series – large 4K professional entry display, high-quality digital signage Powerful premium-grade SQ series 4K professional signage featured Intel SDM-L (Smart Display Module) expansion slot and available in high brightness 2000cd/m2 (55”,65”). Discover various display solutions featuring Intel® Smart Display Module such as slot PCs (available in 3 specifications: Celeron, i3, i5), Wireless Presentation System, 3G-SDI Input Signal Board and Wolfvision Cynap Pure SDM Bay window SQE series 4K line-up – ideal for digital signage, education and professional use, the world’s lightest and smallest 20.000lm 4K 3-DLP laser projector, Panasonic’s quietest and most powerful 3LCD projector range for education and business, Panasonic’s colour-rich 1-DLP, 4K ready laser projector – designed for live events and staging, 4K & Ultra Short Throw lense The world’s first display fully integrating Wolfvision Cynap Pure Wireless Presentation System for meeting rooms, classrooms and huddle spaces CYNAP Pure wireless presentation solution combined with the most precise in-glass touch technology Premium 4K display for high-quality image presentation High-precision in-glass touch technology Flexible Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Supports AirPlay, Miracast, Chromecast 4K UHD screen mirroring with up to 4 windows on-screen Simple integration on SDM board.

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

Geniatech at ISE 2020, custom Digital Signage, custom smart gateways, smart IoT

Posted by – February 15, 2020

Geniatech provides custom solutions suitable for the markets of the ISE 2020, including digital signage, advertising, events, corporate, and many more custom system integrations, based on Arm solutions with Qualcomm, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Rockchip, Realtek, AmLogic, and many more. Geniatech can develop Custom IoT Hubs, Smart Gateways, using custom Linux, Android, with cloud security updates and more.

I have filmed many new awesome Geniatech videos, Geniatech is a leading Set-top-box, TV Tuner, Development Board, Custom IoT supplier, Arm platform provider, one of the sponsors of my video-blogging since 2014, you can watch all my Geniatech videos here

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

Samsung 8K microLED 583”, 8K Digital Signage, Samsung Flip 2 flipchart whiteboard with Cisco Webex

Posted by – February 15, 2020

Full Samsung Booth Tour at ISE 2020, features the amazing 8K microLED Samsung “The Wall for Business” modular and scalable at up to 583″ diagonal size, here showing from a 292″ 8K version with commercial applications from control rooms to broadcast centers, lobbies, design centers and more. The Wall for Business features a wide range of configurable and customizable sizes and ratios from 219″, 292″, 437″ and 583″ in 4K to 8K.

The Samsung QLED 8K SMART Signage QPT-8K capable of 24/7 operation, with HDR10+, 100% color volume, perfect color accuracy, 2000nit peak brightness, can be wall-mounted, available in 65″, 75″, 82″ and 98″ versions, equipped with the Samsung AI Quantum Processor 8K with 8K AI upscaling, deep-learning capabilities that can automatically upscale non-8K content to 8K, suitable for healthcare with DICOM simulation mode, healthcare professionals can view grayscale medical images, including X-rays and MRI, for non-diagnostic purposes, runs Tizen 5.5 OS, can connect to four different content sources all of which can be displayed simultaneously in 4K resolution, supports MagicINFO 8, making each display capable of providing an all-in-one solution for businesses of any size.

The Samsung Flip 2 digital flipchart for collaboration, sharing, creative thinking and brainstorming for the corporate, education, creative, retail markets, Samsung has partnered with industry leader Cisco Webex, for Webex Teams and Webex Roomkit Mini, Webex on Flip, to transition between flipcharts, meetings, presentations and two-way whiteboarding, remote collaboration, Webex Teams allows users joining through the platform from any location to contribute and whiteboard on their respective displays simultaneously, facilitating real-time collaboration regardless of where teams are located.

Filmed at ISE 2020, watch all my ISE 2020 videos in this playlist here

ISE 2020 video coverage sponsored by Geniatech, leading set-top-box, custom digital signage, Arm chipset R&D supplier, watch all my videos filmed with Geniatech here

Full ISE 2020 video coverage uploading now, My YouTube Members get instant access to all videos now

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Publishing of the most awesome ISE 2020 video interviews at a rate of about 2 per day in the week to come. $5/month Members at can get access to them all unedited right now.

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Onyx Boox E Ink Phone at CES 2020, Boox Max3 Boox Note2 firmware 2.2.2 and more

Posted by – February 8, 2020

This is the second E Ink phone BOOX released. The first one was called BOOX E43 and launched out in 2014 which I helped make famous here The new phone shown at CES 2020 features a 5.8″ E Ink screen with 300PPI. It also has a front light with adjustable color tones, an octa-core processor, dual speakers, a microphone, a front fingerprint, and dual camera lens on the back, dual SIM card slots, or one SIM card and one SD card.

Other Onyx E Ink products are BOOX Max3 and BOOX Note2. BOOX Max3 features a 13.3” large E Ink screen, Octa-core processor, Android 9.0 OS, OTG support, 5GHz Wi-Fi, while BOOX Note2 has similar specs and a 10.3” display with front light.

BOOX also introduced the new firmware 2.2.2 they just released. There were a lot of great new features for its eReaders, such as full-page translation, scribbles on nearly all ebook formats, optimized user interface, and so on. Inspired by the users’ feedback and advice, BOOX gets a great number of ideas and launches a new firmware update for its eReaders every three to six month.

$199 Acer Spin 311 Chromebook Intel Celeron Wacom

Posted by – January 29, 2020

Chromebook Spin 311 offer 11.6-inch HD IPS displays, optional Wacom stylus and the Spin 311 can be configured with up to 64 GB eMMC storage and 8 GB RAM. The Spin 311 also offers an additional outward-facing camera for recording 1080p videos RAM and storage options are limited to 4 GB and 32 GB eMMC, respectively come with the promise of a 10-hour battery life and USB Type-C charging.