Embedded World PHYTEC booth tour with Yves Astein

Posted by – March 7, 2020

In this booth tour, Yves Astein (product manager Phytec) explains about how PHYTEC develops and manufactures System on Modules and Single Board Computers for industrial use in Mainz, Germany. He is focusing on a high level of customizability as well as interface standardization of PHYTEC SoMs and how they incorporate essential circuitry common to all embedded applications. By designing a SOM into an application the customers can avoid the challenge and risk of advanced microprocessor design, fine pitch BGA, high-speed routing, design verification, EMC conformance, and the significant effort of board bring-up and BSP development. PHYTEC has passed numerous horizontal and vertical directives and standards such as the UL certification (UL), radio transmitter directive RED, power station approval KTA, automotive directive e1, railway and medical certifications. PHYTEC also has experience in developing modules for global use and getting them certified. PHYTEC’s Single Board Computer can be modified and configured according to customer wishes due to their constantly growing Design Library with its off-the-shelf Building Blocks. PHYTEC also offers solutions for Internet of Things and Embedded Imaging as well as hardware specific software. Throughout the video, Yves explains about the working demo of various modules and customer applications.