PHYTEC Update & Device management

Posted by – March 17, 2020

In this video Martin Schwan from PHYTEC Messtechnik Gmbh explains to you about the device management platform that is tailored to PHYTEC products, and how we provides a solution for the management and implementation of software updates, suitable for a large number of devices.
OTA field updates are a common requirement in modern embedded device deployments .We facilitate the roll-out of your software into the field by preparing the RAUC Robust Auto-Update Controller in all current BSPs. The update client ensures the reliable installation of signed BSP updates on the embedded systems and is supported by Yocto in the meta-rauc layer.
With the RAUC update framework, the first major component will make sure that your updates are installed safely and securely whereas the second component is a deployment server hawkBit that manages your update artifacts, controls roll-out strategies, gives feedback about device update states, etc.
PHYTEC supports you both in implementing the update mechanisms and in creating the appropriate infrastructure – from RAUC configuration and setting up cloud services to protecting the hardware from installing malicious software.

Filmed at Embedded World 2020, watch all my Embedded World 2020 videos in this playlist here: