Huawei Digital Managed Network: Leveraging Network Advantages to Extend Boundary

Posted by – July 19, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Huawei digital management network is introduced by interviewee emphasizes the potential benefits of this network, it is essential to approach the subject critically and evaluate its claims.

Huawei’s network infrastructure serves as the foundation for various services, including 5G, enterprise, and security. By leveraging their existing network, Huawei aims to expand their service offerings and extend their reach into different domains. They seek to provide services beyond traditional carrier-based networks, such as cloud campus networks, which enable enhanced connectivity and management for Wi-Fi, office spaces, and security.

The interviewee highlights four distinct scenarios for Huawei’s network solutions, referred to as “four plus.”

Regarding network management, the interviewee emphasizes the growing importance of security and the need to collect and analyze traffic records. Huawei claims to offer various security solutions to address these concerns.

The interviewee introduces the “Eye Master NCE” as a comprehensive end-to-end solution, integrating network information and management capabilities. The Eye Master NCE, as the interviewee claims, offers improved visibility and control over the network, unlike traditional network management approaches. It supposedly leverages new technologies such as Telemetry and AI to simulate network configurations and assess their impact before implementation.

The interviewee briefly mentions data collected over several years to highlight the purported advantages of Huawei’s solution. These include faster cloud private lines and increased network service and revenue for carriers.

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