CCSA Director Ku Wen talks state of China’s 5G Network Expansion 2.8M base stations, 650M subscriber

Posted by – July 18, 2023
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Ku Wen, Chairman of the Board for the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) sheds light on the current state of 5G in China at MWC Shanghai 2023, highlighting its significant impact on the network industry. With a staggering 2.3 to 2.4 million base stations and over 600 million subscribers, China emerges as the largest 5G market globally. Emphasizes the necessity for a more standardized network structure, as many companies outside China opt for non-standard approaches.

Mr. Ku Wen delves into the crucial aspect of bandwidth, emphasizing its role in ensuring smooth data transmission. With data rates reaching a remarkable 500 per carrier, the scale of China’s network infrastructure becomes evident. Cautions that this colossal network expansion is not merely political but highly technical, requiring immense effort and expertise.

The discussion then shifts to the challenges of maintaining reliable coverage and reducing power consumption. Highlights the importance of green technology in the establishment of lower-power base stations. They emphasize that the ultimate goal is to provide seamless coverage in every corner, ensuring a consistent 5G experience for all users.

Mr. Ku Wen explores the practical implications of 5G in various domains, particularly the Internet of Things (IoT). They note that 5G has transformed numerous ideas into reality, enabling innovative applications across industries. By leveraging advanced technologies such as MD IoT and SIM cards, China has successfully embraced the potential of IoT, enhancing privacy and functionality for users.

Mr. Ku Wen acknowledges the challenges posed by overcrowded networks, comparing the scenario to a crowded football stadium. While the demand for data transmission in such circumstances can be daunting, the interviewee suggests that future advancements in 5G, including 5.5G and 6G, coupled with millimeter wave band technology, will address these concerns.

Reflecting on the development of 5G in China, Mr. Ku Wen highlights the wealth of experience gained by companies like Huawei. This experience enables China to collaborate with countries worldwide, offering comprehensive solutions and aiding in the global deployment of 5G. The interviewee emphasizes the importance of knowledge-sharing and the positive impact technology can have on society, stressing that technology is the driving force behind a better world.

In conclusion, the interviewee expresses their belief in technology’s ability to address the world’s challenges, with 5G serving as a powerful solution. By harnessing the potential of 5G and other information technologies, the interviewee envisions a connected world that propels society forward, fostering efficiency and progress for all.

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