Huawei 5GtoB, business-to-business (B2B) applications using 5G development faster than expected

Posted by – July 19, 2023
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There are more than 15,000 projects exploring business-to-business (B2B) applications of 5G (5GtoB) around the world, and more than half them are in China, with focus on XR, the B2B market and low-carbon development in the 5G era.

Join Tony Lane, Huawei’s 5GtoB Marketing Manager, as he takes us on a deep dive into the realm of 5G technology at MWC Shanghai 2023 In this captivating interview, Tony explores the intricacies of quality control using 5G and AI. From detecting paint color accuracy to analyzing various aspects of inspection, the fusion of 5G and AI promises a new era of precise quality assessment.

Delving further, Tony sheds light on the rapid development of 5G technology in the global market. With remarkable growth in mobile operators’ private networks, revenue from industrial connections, and the advent of 5G-enabled applications, the landscape of communication is undergoing a paradigm shift. Tony presents captivating case studies from Europe, Thailand, and South Africa, where commercial launches have transformed industries such as smart oil manufacturing, smart ports, and mining.

Crucially, Tony emphasizes the importance of both network capabilities and ecosystem support in driving the commercialization of 5G. The high uplink speed, stable latency, and pervasive ecosystem collaborations have facilitated 5G’s integration into core production procedures. From business-to-business interactions to transforming entire industries, 5G has the potential to redefine how enterprises operate, manage, and generate revenue.

Witnessing the power of the ecosystem firsthand, Tony showcases an array of terminals and devices produced by Huawei’s ecosystem partners. These collaborations have played a vital role in enabling commercial launches of 5G technologies worldwide. He highlights the concept of RedCap, which focuses on reducing capability in scenarios where high performance is unnecessary, leading to lower costs, improved terminal power efficiency, and increased network capacity.

In a captivating demonstration, Tony showcases a RedCap camera, displaying its zooming capabilities and its role in surveillance applications. With Huawei’s Shanghai IND Center campus as the backdrop, the camera captures intricate details, even zooming in to observe animals in their natural habitat. This glimpse into the future highlights the immense potential of 5G-powered devices in various fields.

As the interview concludes, Tony reinforces the readiness of the ecosystem for widespread commercial deployment. He projects a surge in the number of 5G-enabled terminals, reaching over 50 types by the end of 2022. This assurance solidifies the notion that 5G is not just a technological advancement; it’s a transformative force that is reshaping industries and paving the way for a connected and intelligent future.

Join us on this critical journey into the world of 5G, where the convergence of technology, network capabilities, and ecosystem collaborations are poised to redefine our lives and industries alike.

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