Arin Computer at Computex 2023 Servers Workstations from Kolkata India with Zenix Computers too

Posted by – June 17, 2023

Arindam from Arin Computer Kolkata and Subhasis Das from Arin Computer Kolkata. Arindam and Subhasis discuss their roles in the company and the products they manufacture, including servers, workstations, high-end workstations, GPU servers, all-in-one desktops, and mini PCs. They mention their sales efforts in India, as well as their plans to expand into Bangladesh and Bhutan.

We discuss the price and quality of their servers, to which they claim they offer good prices and have a strong customer support center. They mention government and SMB customers, with Bank of India being one of their notable clients. They also highlight that their servers are used for cloud computing, Big Data, and AI applications.

The discussion touches on the demand for servers and the influence of companies like Nvidia. They express admiration for Jensen Huang and the high demand for servers. While they mention Nvidia cards and their association with the company, they reveal no current plans regarding the ARM chips in Servers launch.

When asked about the company’s size, Arindam states they have a team of around 50 people, including assembly and testing personnel. They emphasize their rigorous testing process and assembly being done in India.

The interviewees share their experience at Computex 2023 praising it as an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and connect with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. They express a desire to visit different companies in Taiwan during their stay.

Regarding their products, Arindam claims they offer innovative solutions at competitive prices, acknowledging the constant competition in the market.

In conclusion, the video provides insights into Arin Computer Kolkata, their product offerings, sales efforts, customer base, and their experiences at Computex. They highlight their commitment to delivering quality products at competitive prices while showcasing their association with Nvidia and their aspirations for future growth.

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