Morphotonics Nano Imprinting Sophisticated Optics Unveiling the Future of Display Technology

Posted by – June 17, 2023
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Step into the world of cutting-edge display technology as we dive deep into an exclusive interview with Morphotonics, the trailblazing Dutch company based in the southern region of the Netherlands. At the highly anticipated Display Week 2023 expo, Morphotonics takes center stage to showcase their groundbreaking advancements in large area Nano imprinting equipment. Prepare to be amazed as they unlock a new realm of possibilities in display design and functionality.

Established in 2014, Morphotonics has pioneered the development of Nano imprinting technology, enabling the replication of intricate Nano and Micron scale structures on expansive surfaces. The result? The ability to create displays with unprecedented precision and control over light manipulation, pushing the boundaries of what was previously deemed possible.

Watch my remote video chat interview with Morphotonics filmed during covid for Display Week 2020 here:

During the interview, Erhan Ercan, Head of Global Business Development at Morphotonics elucidates the company’s commitment to compatibility across various display technologies. Whether it’s LCD, OLED, micro LED, smartwatches, tablets, or even massive 65-inch TVs, Morphotonics’ Nano imprinting technology can be seamlessly applied. Their expertise extends beyond specific display sizes, encompassing the Gen 5 range, which spans from 1.1 to 1.3 meters. This versatility sets Morphotonics apart, as they offer a solution that caters to displays of any size.

But what are the real-world applications of such sophisticated display capabilities? Morphotonics addresses three primary areas of focus. First and foremost, they excel in the creation of anti-glare textures for electronic devices. These structures enhance sunlight readability and ambient light visibility, particularly beneficial for outdoor scenarios such as beach trips. By implementing these anti-glare features, Morphotonics aims to enhance the user experience and reduce eye strain in a variety of settings.

Beyond anti-glare textures, Morphotonics delves into the realm of 3D displays. However, they go beyond traditional Glasses-free 3D technology and envision more advanced solutions, such as light field displays and the future prospect of holographic displays. To achieve these groundbreaking forms of visual immersion, Morphotonics emphasizes the necessity of sophisticated optics. They assert that their Nano imprinting technology, operating at a display level and beyond wafer scale, holds the key to manufacturing optics capable of supporting revolutionary 3D display technologies.

While their expertise lies in manufacturing equipment rather than designing lenses, Morphotonics collaborates closely with customers who provide the optical designs. With these designs as a foundation, Morphotonics utilizes their Nano imprinting technology to replicate and imprint the desired structures, ensuring the production of high-quality, custom-made optics for a variety of applications.

Augmented reality (AR) emerges as the third area of focus for Morphotonics. Although they acknowledge that widespread adoption of AR glasses may still be a while away, they foresee the need for advanced optics in this field. AR glasses rely on intricate optics to provide immersive experiences, and Morphotonics envisions their Nano imprinting technology as the answer to manufacturing optics beyond wafer scale. By scaling up to larger substrate sizes, they can accommodate a greater number of eyepieces, making mass production of AR glasses a reality.

During the interview, a comparison to ASML, a prominent semiconductor lithography machine manufacturer located nearby, is brought up. Morphotonics clarifies that their focus diverges significantly from ASML’s operations. While ASML specializes in lithography machines for semiconductor chip manufacturing, Morphotonics is solely dedicated to Nano imprinting for Optics and photonics. Their unique expertise caters to a wide array of industries, extending beyond displays to encompass non-display applications like biosensors and smart windows.

As the interview progresses, Morphotonics highlights their excitement for participating in Display Week, an event that brings together industry experts and enthusiasts from all around the world.

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