Ultimems MEMS Projector Mirror Vector scanning module Focus-free Projector

Posted by – June 16, 2023

Zoe of Ultimems https://www.ultimems.com/ representative from the sales team demonstratrates and explorates Ultimate’s remarkable product, the Vector scanning module, primarily known as the MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems) projection mirror.

Zoe begins by introducing the Vector scanning module, a cutting-edge technology that lies behind her. With great enthusiasm, she explains that the MEMS mirror is Ultimems flagship product. It becomes evident that Ultimems takes pride in manufacturing this innovative mirror, which boasts some exceptional features and functionalities.

I dive deeper into understanding the technology that powers the MEMS mirror. Zoe enlightens me, mentioning that Ultimems produces both one-dimensional and two-dimensional mirrors. These mirrors, in conjunction with the Vector scanning module, create a holistic and dynamic scanning experience. The module itself, with its intricate components, is ingeniously designed and meticulously crafted by Ultimems skilled team.

Zoe takes a moment to emphasize the uniqueness of their raster scanning projector, proudly claiming that no other company in Taiwan offers a similar product. This exclusivity sets Ultimems apart in the market, giving them a competitive edge. Such a claim certainly sparks curiosity among viewers, as they eagerly await a demonstration to witness the projector’s capabilities.

I inquire about the resolution of the MEMS mirror, seeking to gauge its visual quality. Zoe reveals that the mirror boasts a high-definition resolution of 720p, providing a crisp and immersive viewing experience. This revelation prompts me to appreciate the impressive clarity and sharpness the mirror offers, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

As the conversation progresses, I am keen to understand the versatility and convenience of the MEMS mirror. Zoe unveils that the mirror can be easily connected to an iPad Pro using a Type-C cable. Notably, this single cable not only provides power to the mirror but also serves as the medium for content transmission. It’s a sleek and efficient setup that ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

Intriguingly, Zoe mentions that the MEMS mirror does not have an internal battery. Instead, it draws power directly from the connected device. This revelation raises eyebrows and prompts further questions from me, as I wonder about the practicality and potential limitations of such a setup. Zoe confidently explains that Ultimate has designed the mirror to operate solely on external power sources, making it a lightweight and compact solution.

My curiosity piques once again, as I inquire about the mirror’s functionality and its ability to maintain focus regardless of the surface it projects onto. Zoe proudly explains that the mirror’s rapid scanning capabilities ensure it remains focus-free. With its advanced technology, the MEMS mirror eliminates the need for constant adjustments, ensuring a hassle-free viewing experience.

Intrigued by the potential applications, I ask about the MEMS mirror’s optimal resolution and whether it can be used in large-scale projections. Zoe reveals that the mirror can create an impressive projection of up to 200 inches, provided the environment is adequately darkened. This versatility makes the MEMS mirror an ideal choice for various settings, including home theaters, presentations, and even outdoor activities like camping.

To further illustrate the capabilities of the MEMS mirror, Zoe showcases a captivating projection on a nearby surface, impressing both me and the viewers. The clarity and precision of the projection are striking, capturing attention and fostering a sense of wonder about the possibilities this mirror presents.

I take a moment to acknowledge Ultimems longevity in the industry, inquiring about the company’s history. Zoe reveals that Ultimems has been a key player in the market for eight years, consistently delivering innovative solutions. This longevity and experience lend credibility to Ultimems products, reassuring potential customers of their commitment to quality and excellence.

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