MSI Gaming Laptops at Computex 2023 Titan G77 HX 13V Raider GE78 HX Smart Touchpad 13V Nvidia RTX

Posted by – June 16, 2023

MSI provides an overview of the latest MSI laptops showcased at Computex 2023 The spokesperson begins by discussing a powerful software laptop equipped with the I9 3980 HX processor and a laptop GPU capable of up to 1490 Watts. This laptop stands out as the only one on the market capable of handling such high wattage, thanks to MSI’s overboost technology. The spokesperson explains that the laptop can reach up to 5.6 gigahertz for dual-core and 5.2 gigahertz for all eight cores, making it ideal for heavy gaming and professional tasks.

The spokesperson showcases the laptop’s features, including HDMI 2.1, Thunderbolt, USB ports, and an audio combo jack. They emphasize its ability to handle 4K displays and its suitability for graphic rendering and software compilation. The spokesperson mentions that the laptop’s battery life is better when plugged in and discusses its compatibility with the Nvidia encoder for live streaming.

Moving on to the Raider G70 AI laptop, the interviewee highlights its high-performance capabilities with the same CPU as the Titan GT77 and up to Nvidia 4070 GPU for the smart touchpad version. They mention the laptop’s power and suitability for gaming, coding, and software development tasks. The interviewee clarifies that due to changes in producer support, having two GPUs in a laptop is no longer beneficial.

The discussion then shifts to the MSI Prestige 36016 laptop, which received Evo and Divide certifications. The spokesperson praises its magnesium aluminum alloy construction, lightweight design, and impressive connectivity options, including HDMI 2.1 and Thunderbolt ports. They demonstrate the laptop’s durability and the absence of physical touchpads while still providing tactile feedback.

Next, the spokesperson presents MSI’s entry-level laptop, the Modern series, which received awards for its sturdiness and thoughtful design. They mention various screen sizes available in the series and how MSI prioritizes entry-level laptops, unlike other brands. Additionally, they showcase the Creator Z717 HX Studio laptop, featuring a 17-inch 16:10 monitor, the same GPU as the Titan GT77, and a vapor chamber cooling system.

The spokesperson demonstrates the unique features of the Creator Z717, including a detachable ink pen with replaceable tips, allowing for natural writing on the screen. They mention the pen’s durability and its practical use for taking notes or drawing. They also highlight the presence of Bluetooth connectivity and the laptop’s recognition as a Choice Award recipient at Computex.

The spokesperson briefly mentions other laptops in the Creator and Commercial ranges, showcasing MSI’s commitment to producing high-quality laptops suitable for gaming, creative work, and business applications. They assert that MSI is a top contender in the laptop market, offering a wide range of options globally.

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