Netronix NFC Powered E Ink Tags: Battery-Free Versatile Digital Signage Color Bus Stop Signage

Posted by – June 15, 2023

Netronix takes center stage as they unveil their latest e-paper products at Computex 2023 Joining us is John, sales specialist at Netronix, who introduces himself with enthusiasm. John proceeds to showcase the e-paper product line, which aims to make a significant impact in the industry.

One notable aspect of these e-papers is their battery-free operation. Powered solely by NFC technology, these devices offer a remarkable solution to the constant need for battery replacements. John emphasizes the convenience and longevity this technology brings, as users can enjoy the benefits of e-paper displays without worrying about power supply.

John explains that the showcased e-papers belong to the category of low voltage e-paper. Their standout feature is the ability to swiftly exchange images in just three seconds, leaving the audience amazed. John playfully speculates about potential applications, imagining a future credit card where the number can be changed effortlessly for enhanced security.

Moving on to practicality, John highlights the compatibility of these e-papers with NFC devices such as smartphones. The absence of a battery contributes to their sleek design, and John clarifies that Netronix offers a diverse range of e-paper products, not limited to a single variety.

Among the showcased products, John demonstrates the versatility of RFID tags that can be embedded into logistic boxes. These tags allow for seamless image changes, providing improved functionality and efficiency. John expands on the possibilities, mentioning transforming luggage tags and interactive boarding cards as potential use cases.

The interview takes an exciting turn as John introduces vivid color e-paper notes, offering a significant advancement from traditional black and white displays. These vibrant e-papers cater to various needs and preferences, providing a captivating user experience.

John presents a visually captivating device resembling a calendar, showcasing the elegance and versatility of Netronix’s e-paper technology. These displays seamlessly integrate into everyday life, becoming an integral part of different environments.

The conversation shifts to the widespread popularity of Netronix’s e-paper technology. John reveals that supermarkets and logistics companies have embraced this transformative innovation, utilizing e-papers as smart labels to enhance inventory management and customer experiences.

Netronix’s latest e-paper iteration represents a remarkable achievement in low voltage e-paper technology. These devices exhibit exceptional power efficiency, ensuring long-lasting performance. The interview concludes with an air of pride as John highlights the broad applications and impact of Netronix’s e-papers across industries.

Throughout the video, John’s expertise and passion shine, leaving the audience captivated by the endless possibilities of Netronix’s e-paper products.

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