Supermicro Ampere Server and Nvidia Grace Hopper Super Chip

Posted by – June 12, 2023

Join me in this video as we delve into the world of cutting-edge technology at Supermicro booth at Computex 2023 We start off by examining the impressive super micro servers, including the powerful Ampere server solution There’s also another remarkable server design showcased here, highlighting the advancements in mass production and shipping.

As we explore the cloud rack scale, I take a closer look at one of the front-end models. It’s worth noting that an exciting event is underway, featuring the Nvidia Grace Hopper super chip integrated into these servers. Witness the latest innovations from Supermicro, although they are currently not available for desktop use.

With the top off, we reveal the Nvidia Grace Hopper solution, showcasing Supermicro’s engineering prowess. The server is equipped with numerous high-speed memory slots, PCIe connections, and two large chips supported by efficient cooling systems. Moreover, you can’t miss the powerful GPUs that fit into the back, providing exceptional AI acceleration capabilities.

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