QCT shows Nvidia Grace Hopper Arm with Nvidia GPU Server

Posted by – June 12, 2023

QCT presents their latest GPU server lineup developed in partnership with Nvidia at Computex 2023 They present the impressive Grace Hopper super chip, a remarkable achievement by Nvidia. Alongside it, we have the powerful Hopper GPU, also known as the HG-100. A chance to experience this cutting-edge technology. Their CEO was here to welcome you as well.

This server, called the Super Chase, directly supports the Grace Hopper super chip. Its standout feature is its modular design, which combines the incredible CPU and Hopper GPU. It also ensures NVLink compatibility, guaranteeing accelerated performance and improved throughput by pooling memory resources.

Next, let’s talk about the BlueField-3 DPU, an innovative solution developed by Nvidia. It combines an ARM CPU with the smart NIC, enabling efficient offloading of software compute resources and delivering exceptional performance gains.

Moving on, they have a range of Nvidia solutions on display. Alongside the MJX, they have the QuantaServer D45U and 3U servers. The 45U server boasts a modular GPU design, offering versatility and ease of use. It can accommodate up to eight dual GPUs or five single GPUs. Additionally, it features the Sita CX-7 smart NIC, enhancing compute performance.

Finally, they have the impressive 7U server, also known as the HGX H100 GPU server. It supports eight H100 GPUs and offers a user-friendly design that allows for easy motherboard swapping, accommodating the latest generation of motherboards seamlessly.

Regarding power supply, this server comes with six ports, but they typically connect three, each supporting 4kW.

These solutions are geared towards AI acceleration and are in high demand. While they’re not currently available, plans are underway to meet the overwhelming customer demand.

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