Best of Computex 2023: Frore Systems AirJet Mini, AirJet Pro, solid-state active cooling chip

Posted by – June 10, 2023

Sue Ryan, VP of Marketing at Frore Systems, introduces the groundbreaking AirJet Mini and AirJet Pro, a solid-state active cooling chip, breakthrough thermal technology for consumer devices delivering 2x improvement in device performance while operating in silence. Discover how this innovative device is changing the game in the world of cooling technology.

Its compact size and unique capability enabling faster, quieter, thinner, lighter, and dustproof devices, A Revolution in Active Device Cooling It’s time for a revolution for all systems constrained by heat. AirJet is a giant leap forward in thermal solutions. It’s compact size and unique capabilities help meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s consumers for more capabilities in smaller devices AirJet, Cool and silent. Small and mighty. It’s time for a revolution in performance, from Mini-PCs, Notebooks, Compact Cameras, Hand-held Gaming and SSD Accessories, to the approaching tsunami of IOT devices like doorbell cameras, WiFi access points and LED lighting. AirJet unleashes the performance of all systems constrained by heat.

As we enter the Computex 2023 presentation, you can immediately feel the cooler ambiance in the room. While it may seem like the air conditioning is running, the secret lies in the AirJet itself.

Sue Ryan showcases the AirJet Mini, their smaller product currently in mass production, as well as the AirJet Pro, their larger model scheduled for mass production later this year. Witness a live demonstration of the AirJet Mini in action as it blows out cool air.

Although it’s referred to as a chip, the AirJet is more than just that. It harnesses advanced chip manufacturing capabilities and acts as a standalone device. When inserted into a host product, it effectively removes heat, doubling performance or making the product smaller. The benefits are numerous, including improved performance, reduced weight, enhanced speed, and even dust-free operation with the addition of a dust filter.

Say goodbye to noisy fans The AirJet provides a more efficient and quieter cooling solution, almost like magic. Don’t just take their word for it—their product has received the prestigious Gold Best Choice Award from Computex and has garnered attention from renowned media outlets like Linus Tech Tips and PC World.

The applications of the AirJet are vast. It can cool SSDs, enabling faster and larger storage options. It can revolutionize smartphones, making them more powerful and efficient. Even 5G networks can benefit from the AirJet’s heat-dissipating capabilities. Laptops, gaming devices, LED lights, and more can all experience a boost in performance and cooling efficiency.

We’re not stopping there! The AirJet has immense potential in the world of data centers, tackling thermal issues and optimizing memory and storage performance. Electric cars and self-driving vehicles can benefit from their solution, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on heat management. The possibilities are endless, and they’re actively working with various industries to unlock the full potential of the AirJet.

Join us as we delve into the technical aspects of the AirJet, showcasing its powerful cooling abilities and visualizing the airflow through a mesmerizing image. Feel the heat dissipate and witness the AirJet’s impact on performance.

With four years of development and just a few months in the market, the AirJet has already made a remarkable impact. Frore Systems headquarters and R&D center is based in San Jose, California, while their manufacturing plant is located in Taiwan

Get ready for a new era of cooling technology with the AirJet. Stay tuned as they continue to innovate and transform various industries, providing more power, efficiency, and smaller form factors while keeping heat at bay. Don’t miss out on the future of cooling—subscribe to our channel for more exciting updates!

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