I-Pi Arm Powered Development Kits at ADLINK headquarters in Taiwan, Q7, SMARC, COM-Express, COM-HPC

Posted by – June 5, 2023

Henri Parmentier, EPM-Modules Product Center senior manager at ADLINK, provides us with an in-depth introduction to their line of Industrial Arm Processor development board designs, specifically designed for those who are familiar with Raspberry Pi but seek to transition into an industrial setting. Henri explains that ADLINK started with their initial release based on the px30 four years ago, aiming to bring industrial-grade components to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. They then released another model based on the IMX8M plus, which retains the commercial interfaces of Raspberry Pi while offering industrial capabilities and support for the entire ecosystem.

One of ADLINK’s notable products is the I-Pi SMARC RB5, powered by the Qualcomm RB5 robotics chip. Henri highlights its features, including HDMI, dual Ethernet, USB ports, Raspberry Pi-compatible headers, additional GPIOs, and camera support. The module also offers M.2 slots for storage or an extra 5G module, along with a SIM card slot for added flexibility.

Henri emphasizes that ADLINK’s aim is to provide affordable solutions, particularly targeting developers with budget constraints. ADLINK’s compatibility with various designs, including Intel-based development kits, ensures a seamless integration process.

The video further explores the concept of smart modules and their advantages. ADLINK’s smart modules adhere to a universal standard, allowing users to swap modules effortlessly without the need for extensive redesign. This flexibility enables customers to easily upgrade their systems with newer chips in the future.

Henri discusses how ADLINK supports customers in their projects by providing carrier design files and assisting in the development of custom carrier boards. The module-based approach not only simplifies certification processes but also enables future-proofing, as modules can be easily replaced or upgraded without requiring an entire redesign.

The conversation also touches upon the growing adoption of ADLINK’s smart modules in the industry. Henri mentions that ADLINK is a leader in various module standards, such as Q7, SMARC, COM Express, and COM HPC. The company has witnessed significant growth in volume, with smart modules gaining popularity due to their scalability and ability to overcome supply chain challenges.

As the interview progresses, Henri explains how ADLINK collaborates with other vendors within the ARM ecosystem. He highlights the open and competitive nature of the ARM market, emphasizing the benefits of innovation and choice for customers.

The video concludes with a discussion on the affordability and future-proof nature of ADLINK’s solutions. Henri compares the power consumption and cost savings of ARM processors with traditional x86 solutions, showcasing the advantages of ARM in terms of machine learning and overall device cost.

Overall, this video provides a comprehensive overview of ADLINK’s industrial arm processor development boards, highlighting their features, advantages, and compatibility. Whether you’re a Raspberry Pi enthusiast looking to step into the industrial world or a developer seeking flexible and future-proof solutions, ADLINK’s offerings are worth exploring.

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