Geshem industrial all-in-one Panel PC, Rugged Tablet, fanless Box PC & Ewin PC cases, RGB, cooling

Posted by – June 5, 2023

Lina takes you on a tour of the 2023 Shenzhen Geshem Technology Co., Ltd. booth at Computex 2023 Discover an impressive lineup of industrial technology brought to you by Geshem Technology. Feast your eyes on their remarkable range of products, including industrial motherboards, panel PCs, rugged tablets, and more. With size options ranging from 10 to 21.5 inches, the industrial panel PCs offer a variety of processors to choose from, including Intel Celeron, Intel Core i5, i7, and even Rockchip. Witness the power of MediaTek RocketPhone and RocketTablet, equipped with MediaTek processors and 5G network support. Explore the rugged Windows tablets, available in 10.8 and 10-inch sizes, ensuring durability and performance. Geshem Technology also presents the versatile industrial box PC, extensively used in factories and industries. For enhanced usability, they offer a sleek docking station for the tablets, perfect for installation in vehicles. The devices feature capacitive touch screens and optional resistive touch screens for seamless interaction Let Lina take you on a closer look at their offerings Discover the power supplies and special designs, including collaborations with renowned companies like Ewin Technology Co.Ltd presents their mini and slim cases, meticulously crafted using CNC technology and premium aluminum. These slim cases offer a space-saving and sleek design. Ewin Technology also showcases their ATX gaming case, featuring liquid cooling, customizable front panels with customer logos, and stunning RGB lighting effects. Don’t miss the micro cases designed to cater to various needs. Ewin Technology serves a global market, with customers from Japan, America, and more.

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