$3250 ADLINK Ampere Altra Developer Platform: World’s Most Powerful Arm Desktop, 128core Arm Desktop

Posted by – June 4, 2023

Join Henk van Bremen, General Manager for the Computer on Modules department at ADLINK Technology, as he unveils their extraordinary innovation in computer technology. In collaboration with Arm UK, and Ampere, their team embarked on a project targeting the automotive sector (Arm SOAFEE development), leading to the creation of the Ampere Altra Desktop project (available to order starting at $3250 at https://www.ipi.wiki/products/ampere-altra-developer-platform?variant=41995037868194 ) Initially focused on cloud vendors, ADLINK and Arm successfully transformed this powerful cloud Arm processor into an embedded development product. The result? A cutting-edge desktop designed specifically for Arm Neoverse (Arm Server) and also general Arm software, and Arm Soafee (smart EV self-driving etc) development.

This remarkable desktop, built on a common HPC form factor ADLINK COM-HPC computer module, showcases ADLINK’s expertise in embedded edge computing. While desktops are not their primary focus, ADLINK specializes in developing edge computers. The Ampire Ultra processor, known for its exceptional performance, brings remarkable power to this desktop. With system readiness and compatibility with off-the-shelf ARM64 distributions, such as Ubuntu and Debian, installation is effortless. The ecosystem of applications developed for these distributions is fully accessible, making it comparable to an x86 system.

Boasting an impressive 128 cores, the Ampire Altra processor offers unmatched performance per watt, making it ideal for mobile and battery-dependent applications. Unlike higher-power solutions from Intel and AMD, the Ampire Altra’s efficient design allows for effective cooling without elaborate fan systems. Liquid cooling technology keeps the system temperature under 50 degrees Celsius, even under heavy load. This desktop provides the perfect balance between power and cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.

ADLINK partners with Foundries.io for constant security updates forever for this system.

ADLINK offers this system in two configurations: as a complete system for software development purposes or as a board-level solution for customers planning embedded solutions deployment. The latter option allows customers to develop their own carrier boards, tailored to their specific needs, while leveraging ADLINK’s expertise in memory and high-speed connectivity.

Notably, this desktop also supports Nvidia GPUs, enabling advanced AI and acceleration capabilities. With two three-slot cards, users can harness the power of Nvidia GPUs for various applications. Compatibility with Nvidia’s CUDA platform makes it a robust solution for AI inferencing and more.

Moreover, the system’s compatibility with Windows 11 adds another dimension to its functionality. ADLINK effortlessly installed the ARM version of Windows 11 using UUPD, demonstrating its ease of use. While some driver support limitations exist due to the current Microsoft Windows market focus on ARM-based notebooks, ADLINK continues to work on compatibility, aiming to fully support Windows-based applications in the future.

As the demand for powerful ARM-based systems grows, ADLINK’s innovative desktop offers a glimpse into the future of computing. With its exceptional performance, efficiency, and versatility, this desktop could revolutionize not only software development but also industries like automotive and cloud computing. Stay tuned for future updates as ADLINK, Ampere and Arm continue to push the boundaries of technology.

This also gives a taste of what Apple might be planning for a Mac Pro desktop at some point in the future, though probably they’d add all sorts of video encode/decode, GPU, USB, Ethernet and etc accelerators on their huge desktop-optimized Arm SoC.

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