Gigabyte AmpereOne Arm Server, Ampere Altra Max ATX Motherboards, Nvidia Grace Hopper, Liquid Cooled

Posted by – June 3, 2023

In this video, I dive into the powerful features of Gigabyte’s latest Ampere motherboards and Server rack solutions at Computex 2023 featuring AmpereOne with up to 192 cores, and features eight DIMMs. With 16 DIMMs in total, this motherboard also includes OCP 2.0, offering a variety of PCIe cards for graphics. Additionally, it comes with a 10G lane onboard, a Management Port, and NPR (low temp, low power) technology, making it ideal for multiple data centers.

But that’s not all! I also showcase some incredible add-on cards, including OCB 3.0 type cards like 1G, 10G, and 25G, all available in PCIe form factors. These cards, such as the HBA cards from Broadcom and Broadcom rate card, are perfectly compatible with the Ampere motherboard.

Are you ready for extreme performance? You can even install lightning-fast GPUs on this motherboard, and it’s fully compatible with Nvidia. For more details, I explore the HPC side, which is particularly interesting for those seeking high-performance computing.

But wait, there’s more! I reveal the CPU GPU Grace Hopper, which was recently announced by Mr. Jensen from Nvidia. This keynote session unveils a Cloud Server accelerator that pushes AI forward with its impressive CPU GPU design and built-in 96 GB HB M3 memory.

The future of fast computing is here, and the video takes a closer look at the fast connectors, including the 72-core arms and 70 to 100 core amp processors. You’ll be amazed by the performance capabilities. To handle the heat generated, the server utilizes fans, similar to an airplane taking off, but they gradually reduce RPM based on the heat being utilized.

Memory capacity is essential, and this motherboard delivers with 960 gigabytes per module and 900 gigabytes per second Envy link, offering massive memory bandwidth. Moreover, the Nvidia Bluefield 2 and Bluefield compatible PCI land cards provide even more advantages.

Throughout the video, you’ll notice Jensen Huang’s signature, emphasizing the significance of these advancements. The video also showcases the X HXM 5, which supports eight H100 XXM 5 GPU servers. These modular designs, linked with MV links, accommodate Intel and AMD sockets.

The Ampere servers steal the spotlight with their incredible capabilities. The Emperor One stands out with its dual 5-nanometer design, offering high performance and low power consumption. It boasts the most performance per watt in the world and comes in both 3.5 and 2.5 drive formats. Whether you need a single or dual socket, the Ampere server has you covered.

With ample RAM and PCIe slots, this server caters to various needs. It supports up to 16 memories in a single-socket configuration, while dual sockets can handle up to 32 memories. The video emphasizes customization possibilities and how Gigabyte works closely with partners and customers to deliver tailored solutions.

The video takes a fascinating turn as it explores direct liquid cooling solutions and servers submerged in a specialized chemical cooling agent. These innovative cooling methods ensure optimal performance and heat dissipation.

But that’s not all! The video touches on SSDs, SATA systems, and OCP servers, such as the ones used by Facebook in the Open Compute Project. Gigabyte serves a diverse range of customers, including big tech companies and partners.

To wrap up the video, it discusses the future of AI, the increasing demand for deep learning and inferencing, and the exponential growth of this field. Viewers are encouraged to visit Gigabyte’s website for more information and to make purchases.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive overview of the Ampere motherboard and its impressive features. Experience the power of the second generation Ampere motherboard supporting up to 128 GB RAM and 128 cores. With eight DIMMs and OCP 2.0, it offers PCIe cards for graphics, 10G LAN, and a Management Port. This low-power solution is being used in data centers. Explore add-on cards like OCB 3.0 HBA and Broadcom RAID cards. Compatible with NVIDIA GPUs, this system delivers fast computing. Witness the CPU-GPU Grace Hopper with 96 GB HBM3 memory, promising the future of AI.

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