Tianma Booth Tour at Display Week 2023, transparent microLED, OLED, Foldables, Medical, Automotive

Posted by – June 2, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Robert Dunhouse, Sr FAE Manager, at the Tiana booth in SID Display Week 2023. Let’s explore some exciting displays. First, a remarkable micro LED transparent display with 70% transmissive capability and 10% reflection ratio. It has applications in self-driving cars, homes, and glass surfaces.

Next, a micro LED display with an adjustable transparency range from 0.1% to 24%. It combines a standard liquid crystal display with a micro LED display, without a color filter.

In the consumer space, side-by-side OLED displays with equal image quality. One incorporates cfot technology, reducing power consumption by 30%.

A quad curve display with curved edges for enhanced aesthetics and viewing experience. Also, a privacy display that limits the horizontal viewing angle for user privacy.

For touch-enabled displays, a fast refresh display for handheld gaming and a low-temperature polysilicon display with reduced border size for a sleeker look.

In the consumer space, a 13.3-inch touch-embedded display with a 120 Hertz frame rate, ideal for tablets.

A high refresh rate demonstration of 480 Hertz and a 16-inch high-resolution display with mini LED backlights for dynamic contrast.

A unique 1.5-inch flexible OLED display on a flexible substrate for complex shapes.

In the medical space, a 30.9-inch and 21.35 Meg color display for accurate diagnostics. In the marine market, a ruggedized 20.8-inch 4K display for maritime environments.

Invisible technology that offers aesthetically pleasing designs when not in use, with intact touch functionality. Also, high shock and vibration resistance displays for rugged environments.

Wet and glove technology that enables touch functionality even in the presence of water. Large-sized touch screens with custom cover glass and direct bonding.

In the automotive sector, a 10.25-inch curved display with a wide color gamut and a head-up display with augmented reality features.

For gaming enthusiasts, a 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor with a 240 Hertz refresh rate and adaptive sync technology.

In the commercial sector, a 55-inch video wall display with narrow bezels and high brightness for advertising and signage purposes.

In the education sector, interactive whiteboards with touch and pen input for engaging and collaborative learning environments.

Advancements in virtual reality displays with a 4K OLED display specifically designed for VR headsets.

These are just a few highlights from Tianma’s range of cutting-edge displays. We continue to push the boundaries of display technology to redefine visual experiences across various industries.

Thank you for joining us at SID Display Week 2023, and stay tuned for more exciting displays from Tianma!

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