PlayNitride microLED 166″ portrait modular display, 4536 PPI 150,000 nits AR

Posted by – May 28, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Playnitride booth tour at Display Week 2023 In this captivating discussion, we delve into the exciting world of micro LED display technology. Joining us are Serena and Falcon, who lead the marketing division of Playnitride.

As we begin, Playnitride showcases their impressive array of micro LED solutions. With a stunning display in front of us, Amber explains that they offer three different types of micro LED solutions. One of their remarkable offerings is the Pixel LED Matrix technology, where micro LED chips are transferred onto the PCB backplane. This enables the creation of large signage boards in any aspect ratio and customized displays. Falcon further elaborates that they provide various solutions with pixel pitches like 0.43mm and 0.75mm, all of which can be customized according to customer preferences.

The display’s outstanding contrast ratio and brightness are highlighted by Amber. With a black ratio of up to 98 percent, the contrast ratio is excellent. Moreover, the brightness can easily exceed 2000 nits, ensuring a visually immersive experience.

Moving on, Playnitride introduces their AR application as the second solution. They demonstrate a micro LED display panel integrated with a waveguide, which acts as a light engine and reflects images back to the viewer’s eyes. The display boasts full HD resolution, a high pixel density of 4536 PPI, and remarkable brightness. Falcon emphasizes that the display can reach a brightness of up to 150,000 nits, providing vibrant and eye-catching visuals. The concept of transparent displays is also unveiled, igniting the imagination with endless possibilities for future applications.

The discussion then turns to the challenges faced in bringing micro LED technology to mass production. Falcon explains that establishing large-scale factories is a significant undertaking. Playnitride is working step by step to optimize the production process, gradually reducing costs and increasing yield. They aim to penetrate various markets, including automotive, wearables, signage, monitors, and mobile devices.

Excitement fills the air as Falcon shares their collaboration with car manufacturers for automotive applications. Transparent displays integrated into windshields and windows are envisioned, revolutionizing the interior design and functionality of future cars. This collaboration has generated immense interest among carmakers, signaling a bright future for transparent displays in the automotive industry.

The interview takes an intriguing turn when Falcon discusses the prospect of partnership with a wealthy investor or company interested in expediting the availability of micro LED technology. While acknowledging the need for increased scale and investment, he notes that Playnitride is working diligently to bring their products to market sooner. They are already in talks with various companies and envision a timeline where micro LED displays become accessible to a wider audience within a year or two.

Furthermore, Falcon emphasizes Playnitride’s role as a leading technology provider for micro LED. Their expertise spans chip development, transfer technologies, and collaboration with partners for advanced solutions like quantum dot technology. By leveraging different transfer technologies and strategic partnerships, Playnitride aims to deliver the best viewing experience and solidify their position as a prominent player in the micro LED industry.

In conclusion, this enlightening interview with Playnitride has unveiled the groundbreaking potential of micro LED technology. With their innovative solutions and commitment to continuous improvement, Playnitride is poised to revolutionize various industries and enhance our visual experiences. As we eagerly await the mass availability of micro LED displays, it’s clear that the future holds incredible advancements and countless exciting applications.