Visionox Intelligent Pixelisation (VIP) for better OLED and 5G millimeter-wave antenna-on-display

Posted by – May 27, 2023
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Visionox Booth Tour at Display Week 2023 groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes visual display. Visionox brings VIP (Visionox Intelligent Pixelisation), a cutting-edge technology that utilizes photolithography to replace conventional FML (Field Emission Layer). With VIP, you can expect superior performance and numerous advantages. Imagine larger aperture ratio, higher brightness, longer lifetime, and even more competitive costs in OLED display manufacturing. At their recent exhibitions, they showcased a 7.9-inch 44-mole prototype fabricated using VIP. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the potential of VIP technology, which offers four times brighter visuals, six times longer lifespan, and higher pixel density. These remarkable improvements are all made possible by the integration of Photolitography, eliminating limitations imposed by the five-meter mask. Regardless of aspect ratio or lifetime, Visionox ensures constant improvement, combined with other cutting-edge technologies to achieve even higher pixel density.

But that’s not all. VIP technology also addresses common issues like burn-in problems. By removing the fine metal masks, Visionox significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing, making it more accessible for customers. The flexibility of VIP technology extends to foldable displays as well. Witness the portable and versatile nature of these displays, as we demonstrate their seamless integration into various devices. From laptops with unique designs to foldable tablets and rollable screens, Visionox embraces the future of display technology.

Transparency takes center stage with Visionox’s transparent OLED displays, which support up to 50 transmitters. These displays find their applications in the automotive industry, offering glass-based or curved surface options. Imagine a self-driving car with an entire window transformed into a display, showcasing advertisements, contact information, and more. While some may prefer a less advertising-oriented ride, the future potential for free rides funded by advertisers is a fascinating possibility.

Step into the world of retail with Visionox’s merchandise shop solutions. Try on clothes and see advertisements embedded within the garments themselves. This technology has already made its way into the market, with different substrate options available for customization.

Visionox’s advancements are not limited to personal devices and automotive applications. Medical boxes equipped with foldable displays provide a visually stunning experience, enhancing the user’s interaction and creating a beautiful vision of the future.

Visionox’s commitment to the future of display technology extends beyond physical devices. Experience high frame rates with displays reaching up to 240Hz, offering a more realistic and immersive visual experience. Furthermore, Visionox continuously strives to lower power consumption and enhance the lifespan of their displays through advanced OLED materials, ensuring long-lasting battery performance.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Visionox presents their EMS (Light Extracting Technology), which maximizes light efficiency and minimizes power consumption. This advancement directly contributes to longer battery life, enhancing user experiences across a wide range of devices.

Embrace bezel-less perfection with Visionox’s ultra-thin bezel technology, minimizing borders to as little as 1.24 millimeters. By optimizing the process recipe and using cutting-edge technologies, Visionox achieves a bezel-less design that allows for an immersive visual experience.

One of the highlights of Visionox’s display solutions is the integration of an optical fingerprint technology with high DPI (Dots Per Inch) resolution. This innovation expands the touch sensor area, enhancing both security and reliability. With the ability to recognize multiple fingers simultaneously, it opens up potential applications for enhanced security measures.

Visionox continues to push the boundaries of visual display technology, showcasing their commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. With their array of revolutionary products, Visionox is poised to shape the future of display technology. Step into a world of limitless possibilities with Visionox, where the vision for the future becomes a reality.

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