Best VR/AR displays of Display Week 2023 awards according to Ryan Sternlicht and @SadlyItsBradley

Posted by – May 29, 2023
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Hey there! Join us as we dive into the exciting world of display technology at Display Week 2023 In this captivating video, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Sternlicht @pyconaut an industry expert, and Bradley, also known as “Sadly, It’s Bradley” @SadlyItsBradley on YouTube and as they share their insights and experiences from the conference.

Ryan introduces himself and highlights the incredible time he’s had at Display Week so far. They discuss an extraordinary moment where Elon Musk actually liked one of Bradley’s tweets. The duo takes us on a tour of the event, starting with the Press room and the bustling exhibition area, where they encounter leading experts and witness the latest advancements in the display world.

As the discussion progresses, Ryan shares his favorite discovery from the event: the mind-blowing 1.3-inch 4K micro OLED by Boe. Being a seasoned VR enthusiast, Ryan explains how this OLED display was a game-changer for him, providing an unparalleled immersive experience with no visible screen door effect or aliasing. It truly felt like a glimpse into the future of VR technology.

Bradley chimes in, expressing his admiration for Boe’s innovations, particularly their four-panel pancake optic platform showcased in the eye zone. He compares it to a previous four-panel VR prototype from Panasonic and emphasizes how Boe’s implementation surpasses it in terms of color accuracy, reduced fringing, and improved blending between angles. He acknowledges a slight issue that might be attributed to the panels themselves but overall praises the technology.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as they discuss the laser backlight, an impressive display feature that both Ryan and Bradley find captivating. They contemplate the possibility of combining this laser backlight with Boe’s 4K by 4K field sequential LCD and incorporating it into a high field of view setup for an astonishing 8K per eye VR experience. They touch upon factors like HDR, eye brightness, and transmission rate, delving into the technical details of achieving lifelike visuals in virtual reality.

The discussion broadens, encompassing other notable highlights from Display Week. They explore the concept of light fields and their potential impact on VR. Ryan expresses his VR-centric perspective, believing that many light field qualities can be replicated within VR. However, he acknowledges the impressive work of Cereal, a company focusing on light field technology for both VR and AR, which offers unique solutions for visual impairments and depth perception challenges.

The conversation extends to the topic of brightness, where they discuss mind-boggling nits values achieved by various displays. They talk about Play Nitride’s quantum dot micro LED displays, highlighting their current AR model capable of an astonishing 150,000 nits. They delve into the challenges of managing brightness in augmented reality, citing examples of light filtering techniques and laser backlights that mitigate potential issues.

They touch upon the resolution required to replicate real-life visuals in VR and discuss the complexity of achieving an immersive experience beyond just resolution, including factors like HDR color and environmental cues. The discussion leads to Apple’s rumored entry into the VR market, with both Ryan and Bradley expressing anticipation for the impact Apple’s involvement could have on the industry. They share their thoughts on the need for scalable technology and the evolving landscape of XR devices.

Google’s past endeavors, such as Google Glass, also become a topic of conversation. They reflect on the early days of Google Glass, acknowledging that while it was ahead of its time, the processing power required for truly immersive experiences was not yet available. They discuss the challenges of wearable computing, citing examples of Meta’s large field of view headset that still requires connection to a powerful PC for optimal performance.

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