SiliconCore at Display Week 2023: Floor Display, Wall, Curved LED Displays, Overview and Future

Posted by – May 27, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Jim Wickenhiser Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at SiliconCore Technology at Display Week 2023, a conference showcasing display technology. They express excitement about being back at the conference and discuss the benefits of attending, such as meeting customers and engineers with insightful questions. They introduce a 1.2 outdoor display that is IP65 rated and features a cabinet-less design, allowing for a thinner form factor and greater flexibility in size and shape.

The host explains that their displays are modular, offering customizability in terms of size, resolution, and aspect ratio. They showcase a 72-inch 720p display that can reach up to 4000 nits brightness, intended as an LCD replacement for the outdoor market. They highlight the versatility of their displays and the success they have had in secure facilities.

Next, they present the XR Series, featuring a 1.9 floor and a matching 1.9 wall in rental cabinets. They discuss the popularity of XR technology in simulation and other use cases, emphasizing the unique feature of being able to walk directly on the display without any overlay or glass.

The host mentions the potential applications of their displays, such as museum showrooms, wayfinding in hotels, and even creating interactive dance floors in clubs. They discuss the technological competencies of their displays, including cool operation, high brightness, good contrast, and the proprietary encapsulation technology that enhances uniformity.

When asked about future plans, they mention the decreasing prices of their displays and express a desire to make the floor display more affordable. They also discuss the possibility of smaller pixel pitches, down to 0.3 or 0.1, and mention their ability to create curved displays through faceted designs.

The host confirms that they have customers worldwide, although their market in China is limited due to inexpensive alternatives. They mention their presence in various countries and regions, including Europe, the UK, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, the US, Canada, and the Middle East. They conclude by discussing the role of displays in creating immersive experiences and replicating iconic locations like Times Square on a smaller scale.

Overall, this video provides insights into the host’s experience at Display Week, the features of their display technology, and the potential applications and future directions of their products.

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