Synaptics Booth Tour at Display Week 2023 Resonate Audio, OLED Touch Controllers, Local Dimming IP

Posted by – May 27, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Welcome to the Synaptics booth! In this video, Paulina De la Garza from the audio team introduces us to the innovative technology called Resonate. Resonate utilizes the display as a transducer to generate sound, essentially turning the display into a speaker. By attaching two PSO transducers driven by Synaptics’ latest PSO amplifier, Resonate aims to generate equal or even greater loudness than traditional dynamic speakers. Removing the need for separate speakers and haptic actuators allows for a slimmer mechanical design that is naturally dustproof and waterproof. Additionally, Resonate offers improved haptics and four-force feedback capabilities, creating a more immersive sound experience coming directly from the front of the display.

Moving on, Sam Toba, a product marketing manager for touch products, presents Synaptics’ touch controllers for OLED panels. These touch controllers enable finger touch sensing on various OLED panel types, including rigid, flex, foldable, and the latest LPTO panels with variable refresh rates. Synaptics tunes the touch controllers to support different refresh rates and overcomes challenges presented by flexible panels, such as high sensitivity and noise. The close proximity of the touch sensor to the thin OLED display poses a noise challenge, but Synaptics excels at distinguishing the touch signal from the background noise.

Next, Vishal Sharp, the product marketing head for display driver products, demonstrates Synaptics’ local dimming IP for VR products. Local dimming, also known as mini LED, enhances LCD screens’ contrast ratio, providing OLED-like performance. By selectively turning off LEDs behind the display where black is true black, local dimming achieves a high contrast ratio. Vishal explains the benefits of local dimming for VR applications, where LCD technology excels. Synaptics’ local dimming IP allows for increased brightness, better contrast, and cost-effective solutions with fewer zones compared to traditional approaches.

John Brady, responsible for automotive marketing, showcases two more technologies. First, he explains local dimming in LCDs, which improves contrast ratio by using a matrix backlight instead of edge lighting. This technology offers a major difference in contrast and is becoming prevalent in automotive displays. Brady also highlights a TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration) implementation in the Lucid Air EV, featuring a curved display and touch sensors integrated into the panel. This mass-produced vehicle utilizes Synaptics’ chips designed to withstand bending without compromising performance.

Lastly, the video features the Smart Bridge chip, capable of driving multiple displays with local dimming. This chip supports up to 4,000 zones and is designed for large, high-resolution displays found in future automotive applications. Synaptics’ partners, including display manufacturers and OEMs, are embracing local dimming, indicating its rapid adoption in the automotive industry.

Join us on this booth tour to explore Synaptics’ latest technologies shaping the future of audio, touch controllers, and display driver products.

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