Hypervision VR glasses with peripheral vision Advanced Optics for Complete human Field of View

Posted by – May 27, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Join us as we dive into the groundbreaking technology behind Hypervision https://www.hypervision.ai/ a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality. Arthur Rabner, CTO and co-founder of Hypervision, introduces us to their cutting-edge advancements in optics for the future of VR.

Using pancake lenses, a unique and proprietary design, Hypervision has developed a compact optical path that offers an extended field of view for an immersive VR experience. By connecting two lens models, one for central vision and one for peripheral vision, they have successfully created a continuous panoramic image that covers the entire horizontal field of human vision.

In this video, we explore the secrets behind Hypervision’s architecture and how they seamlessly connect the two lens models. The result is a mind-blowing VR experience where the screen appears as a unified, all-encompassing display. By manipulating the light rays through their lenses, Hypervision achieves a level of realism that rivals real-life vision.

We also discuss the importance of peripheral vision stimulation in VR and its impact on creating a truly immersive experience. Hypervision’s architecture has already gained recognition in the industry, with a client planning to implement it for advanced flight simulators, where peripheral vision is crucial.

Arthur Rabner emphasizes the significance of peripheral vision in our everyday lives and the need to replicate it in virtual reality. With Hypervision’s technology, users can expect an expanded vertical field of view in their next reference design, increasing it from 95 to 120 degrees.

Based in Israel, Hypervision has been actively working on this revolutionary idea since 2016. Their display architecture has recently been unveiled, generating excitement and curiosity among tech enthusiasts. While the future of VR is uncertain, the anticipated release of Apple’s VR headset in June might have a significant impact on the industry’s direction.

Throughout the video, we get a glimpse of the hardware involved, including the PCB that connects the DisplayPorts to the displays. Hypervision’s collaboration with display makers aims to incorporate higher resolutions and larger active display areas, further enhancing the field of view for users.

Discover the possibilities that lie ahead in the world of VR as Hypervision pioneers advancements in optics and strives to make virtual reality an integral part of our lives. Stay tuned for the future of VR, where Hypervision’s technology is set to reshape the way we experience digital environments.

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