Samsung shows Flex Hybrid Displays, Slidable Flex, Foldable and Slidable OLED

Posted by – May 26, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of cutting-edge displays with this captivating booth tour with John Jacobs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Samsung Display, as he introduces their revolutionary Flex Hybrid technology at Display Week 2023 Prepare to be mesmerized as the flexible display effortlessly slides and folds, showcasing its incredible versatility. From a compact 10-inch size to an expansive 12.4-inch screen, this display caters to the diverse needs of customers. Imagine a device seamlessly transitioning from a laptop-sized screen to a spacious desktop display or even a tablet-like device with a virtual keyboard. The Flex Hybrid’s laptop-like folding capability adds convenience to its already impressive features, and it can easily be paired with external keyboards using Bluetooth connectivity. Experience the future of visual delight with their advanced 240Hz technology, perfect for gamers and video enthusiasts seeking a smoother and more immersive experience. Delve into the fascinating world of the sensor OLED display, where fingerprint and heart rate sensors are seamlessly integrated into the screen itself. Prepare to be amazed by the mind-bending light field display, offering a unique 3D-like visual experience. Samsung Display, renowned for their expertise in OLED technology, consistently meets and exceeds customers’ technical requirements. Discover the forefront of display innovation at Display Week, an annual event where industry pioneers share their latest research and advancements. This gathering serves as a platform for engineers, designers, and enthusiasts to explore the ever-evolving world of display technology. Samsung Display’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their Eco Squared OLED, which combines enhanced efficiency with reduced power consumption. By collaborating with partners, they ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability. Witness the transformation of displays from fixed to flexible, unlocking endless possibilities. Explore the intricate connection between mobile and TV displays, both based on OLED technology, and how Samsung Display pioneers Quantum Dot OLED technology for their TVs, delivering unparalleled color saturation and volume. Immerse yourself in the future of visual technology with Samsung Display, where innovation knows no bounds.

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