E Ink Booth Tour at Display Week 2023 shows Spectra6: The Most Advanced Color E-Paper, Note, Display

Posted by – May 26, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Timothy O’Malley from E Ink showcases their latest product line, Spectra6, which is a highly advanced color e-paper at Display Week 2023 in LA He highlights its high-quality print-like appearance, high contrast, and saturation. The Spectra6 uses six primaries to reproduce full-color images, and the refresh rate has improved to about 12 seconds. O’Malley discusses the affordability and mass production potential of the product, explaining that as volume increases, the price will come down over time. He also mentions the possibility of reducing bezel size in future iterations. The video showcases the outdoor visibility of E Ink displays and their low power consumption, making them suitable for various outdoor locations. O’Malley discusses the potential cost-effectiveness of E Ink displays for advertising purposes. He mentions their collaboration with BMW for a color-changing car showcased at CES. The video also features E Ink’s Kaleido3 Outdoor product line, which offers improved color experience and front lighting for better visibility. O’Malley talks about E Ink’s focus on reducing costs while improving functionality, feature set, and performance. He highlights the versatility of E Ink displays, especially in applications such as e-notes and transportation signage. The video concludes by discussing the health benefits of E Ink displays compared to other screens and the positive impact of E Ink technology on productivity.

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