Seoul Semiconductor at Display Week 2023 shows Micro LED and Mini LED, 163″ micro LED display & more

Posted by – May 26, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Seoul Semiconductor is a Korean company that specializes in manufacturing LEDs for the display market, for automotive, general illumination, specialty lighting. It is the fourth-largest LED manufacturer globally. In this video from Display Week 2023 in LA, Michel Zwanenburg, responsible for display sales and marketing at Soul Semiconductor, introduces the company and its products. They showcase their micro LED technology, which features a vertical RGB pixel layout that allows for individually controllable colors and creates full-color spectrum images. The micro LEDs have a pixel pitch of 200 by 200 microns, and when combined, they can achieve a 163-inch 4K display. The vertical technology ensures consistent color angles and is particularly useful in virtual production for movie studios. Seoul Semiconductor also presents a 163-inch 4K display that is suitable for virtual production environments. They discuss the challenges of achieving accurate color reproduction and maintaining pitch consistency between display blocks. The technology is currently used by movie studios to create realistic backgrounds without shooting on location. Seoul Semiconductor expects it to take a few more years before 163-inch 4K displays become available for regular consumers due to resolution and cost considerations. They also preview a display solution that provides full DCI P3 coverage, offering more vivid colors for content creators. The company is working on reducing blue light in displays to minimize eye fatigue and improve user experience. They demonstrate a mini LED technology that removes the quantum dot sheet, resulting in thinner and more cost-effective displays. This technology is ideal for automotive displays and reduces blue light sensitivity. Seoul Semiconductor is a world leader in mini LED solutions and supplies major brands in the market. They are also exploring micro LED technology for mass production and plan to be involved in the field in the future.

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