AUO at Display Week 2023 LCD & Micro LED Displays by AUO: Gaming, Automotive, Medical & More!

Posted by – May 27, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Welcome to AUO’s Booth Tour at Display Week 2023 In this video, we are introduced to a range of LCD and micro LED display products that showcase the cutting-edge technology and innovative features offered by the company.

The video begins by emphasizing AUO’s focus on gaming displays for the year. They proudly present their latest development, a wide Ultra Wide 5K gaming display in 45 to 49 inches, featuring an incredibly high refresh rate of up to 360 Hz. This impressive refresh rate ensures a smooth and immersive gaming experience. The video highlights the display’s size and its closeness to 1000 millimeters, enhancing the immersive aspect for gamers. They also emphasize the excellent one-millisecond response time, which is crucial for gaming applications.

Pushing the boundaries even further, AUO introduces their highest refresh rate gaming monitor, boasting an astonishing 540 Hz. The video showcases this monitor as the fastest gaming display available, with a response time that is below one millisecond, delivering seamless visuals for gamers.

Not limiting their displays to desktop gaming, AUO extends their technology to notebook gaming as well. They proudly announce the development of gaming monitors for notebooks, with refresh rates reaching up to 360 Hz. The video highlights the clarity of the display and its ability to provide a very clear image even during fast-paced movements.

The video then transitions to showcase the application of AUO’s gaming monitors in automobile displays. They highlight their consideration for extreme environmental requirements and introduce an AMOLED display with good contrast ratio, HDR function, and support for VR applications. The video explains that the AMOLED backlight allows for local dimming, akin to mini LED technology, resulting in enhanced image quality.

AUO’s commitment to improving gaming monitor performance is evident as they introduce their advanced reflection-less technology. This technology significantly reduces reflections in bright rooms, ensuring that the image remains undisturbed by the environment or ambient light. The video demonstrates the low reflections and emphasizes the superior image quality achieved through this technology.

Continuing the display product lineup, AUO presents their medical displays tailored for surgical applications. These displays are designed to deliver the most precise colors, ensuring that surgeons can clearly discern critical details. With high brightness and vivid images, these displays aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The video takes a turn to showcase Evo smart cockpit displays, where AUO utilizes Qualcomm’s 8295 chipset to operate Centaur module. These displays feature a 30-inch display for the driver’s side and a 22-inch display for the passenger’s side. With LCD and local dimming technology, these displays offer seamless visuals and touch functionality. An interesting feature highlighted is the driver monitoring system, which can detect eye movements, head gestures, and hand gestures, ensuring driver safety. The video also introduces the privacy cells, which activate when the driver tries to view the passenger display, maintaining privacy while still allowing passengers to view the content.

In the latter part of the video, AUO shifts the focus to micro LED display technology. They introduce a multi-layer display that combines transparency micro LED with an LCD panel, creating a deep 3D effect. The transparency micro LED allows for excellent transparency, enhancing the realism of the 3D effect. While mass production is not yet achieved, they express optimism and ongoing investment in this technology.

AUO also showcases a branded micro LED display that blends seamlessly into the car’s interior design, even when the display is turned off. They highlight the versatility of this display, enabling the customization of patterns and sizes, making it a perfect fit for various car designs.

Another intriguing product highlighted is a one-inch two-color micro LED display with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the transparent micro LED layer. This unique feature enables personalized user modes based on fingerprint recognition, allowing for customized settings such as music preferences, chair angles, fan values, and temperature controls.

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