Collabora latest upstream contributions to Chromebooks, Arm Linux at Embedded World 2023 #ew23

Posted by – March 29, 2023
Category: Exclusive videos

Collabora showcases a MediaTek-based Chromebook at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany that their team has contributed to. They have done a lot of work to bring upstream Linux support for various IP blocks found in ARM. They have also worked on the codec hardware and upstreamed other bits of hardware to the Linux kernel. They have collaborated with Google on having these devices in the kernel CI project, which is a project for continuous integration on the Linux kernel itself. This work is useful for people who want to run Linux on these devices. They shows a demo of their lab and how they have continuous integration across all the boards. They use LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture) to host their lab and can put both devices there to be part of both kernel CIA and Mesa CI. They show a machine learning demo that runs on a complete open-source deck OS, focusing on video compression for web video conferencing. They use an open-source graphics driver, and the demo reduces bandwidth up to 10 times compared to H264. This demo is more of a prototype than a full-featured product, but it could be integrated into existing video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. (chatgpt generated paragraph based on auto subtitle)

This video was recorded as part of my Embedded World 2023 day 2 Livestream here:

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