Imagination RISC-V Compute Products, AI and GPUs at Embedded World 2023 #ew23

Posted by – March 29, 2023
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Shreyas Derashri, Vice President of Compute at Imagination, talks about the company’s compute products, which include their RISC-V CPUs, AI technology, and GPU compute products with associated software. The company has their own neural network accelerators and supports AI technology through GPUs. The video showcases the company’s first RISC-V CPU product running on an FPGA, which is an embedded CPU for real-time applications that can also be used for networking type of use cases and insecure Enclave implementation in a larger SOC. Imagination is also showcasing various partner demos with their GPUs, including an automotive partner demo with Teletubbies and one with telechips, showcasing a full large cockpit display. Imagination is partnering with other RISC-V companies with their GPU, including a Star 5 board and an Alibaba ST head RISC-V CPU with Imagination GPU. Imagination is the only GPU provider for Star 5, which they claim is the GPU of choice for the RISC-V architecture. The video also highlights Imagination’s experience in making Android products and how their GPUs are CPU-agnostic. Imagination is currently developing products that are not yet on the market, but their single board computer is available for developers to play with. The RISC-V architecture is disrupting the status quo, and Imagination is seeing more interest in RISC-V designs. The video discusses how easy it is to port over applications to this platform compared to previous platforms since Imagination GPUs for graphics use cases support APIs like OpenGL and OpenGLES. (chatgpt generated paragraph based on auto subtitle)

filmed at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg Germany

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