TCL RayNeo X2 microLED AR smart glass with Qualcomm XR2, binocular, TCL NXTWEAR S with TCL AR app

Posted by – March 9, 2023

At Mobile World Congress 2023 #mwc23 TCL shows their newest microLED smart glasses, the NXTWEAR S with TCL AR app and lenses to immersive experience, TCL NXTWEAR S XR smart glasses offers an expansive viewing environment, equivalent to watching a 130-inch screen four meters away, with dual 1080p Micro OLED displays that provide a private, high-quality screening space. The sharp FHD image is paired with crisp, optimized audio that can be enjoyed through dual speakers or by connecting headphones, with a unique “whisper mode” harnessing advanced acoustic phase cancellation technique to prevent sound leakage, perfect for turning lunch breaks, the daily commute or a long haul flight into an immersive adventure.

NXTWEAR S is designed with comfort, ease of use and style in mind. Weighing around 82g [1]and featuring adjustable nose pads and magnetic pogo-pin connector, the glasses free users’ hands, making journeys more comfortable.

TCL NXTWEAR S is compatible with over 100 Android and Windows devices that support DP with a USB-C port. iOS devices are compatible with an adapter. The TCL NXTWEAR S is available now in select markets worldwide.

The next generation TCL RayNeo X2 were also shown with Binocular microLED for Augmented Reality use cases, ultra thin, light and compact, TCL RayNeo X2 is True AR glasses in a regular eyeglasses design. Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform, NayNeo X2 AR glasses can be used for a wide range of applications, including gaming, education, training, entertainment, and more.

Micro-LED Optical Waveguide Technology
Optical waveguide Micro-LED technology, recognized by the industry as the best optical waveguide solution. Higher contrast ratio for better display effect. Upgrade eye-catching brightness, which can meet the needs of indoor and outdoor use at the same time.

Binocular Full-color Display
Binocular full-color display, the first in the industry to achieve binocular full-color on the optical waveguide + Micro LED solution.
Better Performance with Qualcomm
Snapdragon XR2
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 – the world’s first 5G XR chip. It achieves2 timesCPU and GPU performance improvement,4 timesvideo bandwidth improvement,6 timesresolution improvement and11 timesAI performance improvement. The overall system delay has reduced to achieve better AR experience.

Longer Battery Life
With our built in 590 mAh battery, RayNeo X2 AR Glasses achieves about 3 hours of continuous use battery life.