Microsoft has 1000 engineers working on ARM Windows 8 to be released this year

Posted by – February 20, 2011
Category: Tablets, Laptops, Windows

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt and according to a source reported by, Microsoft is investing very heavily on accelerating their support of Windows for ARM Powered devices, targeting a release of full Windows 8 Tablets before Christmas even. This could be closer than what some people think.

At CES last month, Microsoft showed Windows 8 at their keynote (using “existing” UI) running on current Texas Instruments OMAP4430, Qualcomm Dual-core MSM8660 and Nvidia Tegra2. For sure, Windows 8 could use the next gen ARM Processors coming out later in the year even better for full performance, such as the TI OMAP4440, Qualcomm Quad-core and Nvidia Tegra3 Kal-el, all coming out in consumer devices on the market before the end of the year already.